Go Time…Again

Update 9:45pm

Here’s a pop quiz for you as we watch an airtight game tied at 4…which analyst keeps a scorebook while watching the game?  A) John Flaherty, B) Jack Curry, C) Both, D) Neither.
Text your vote to…no, wait…don’t text your vote…just replay to this Blob and I’ll have the answer for you during the finale of tomorrow’s 3-game series, when both guys rejoin me in the studio for the pregame…

Meanwhile, we’ll all be lookin’ for you on the postgame tonight!

Update 8:10pm
Post dinner…Flash hasn’t even glanced at the chocolates.  Instead, I saw him reach into his little secret zip-up dinner bag and grab a few almonds…unsalted…dessert of champions.

Sidebar to the candy on my table…around Valentine’s Day, I bought some of those little hearts with sayings on ’em and put ’em out…I think MAYBE 8 were eaten…the rest remain… almost 2 months later…now, I’m not real worried about whether they are still good or not, because those little things could probably survive nuclear war with all the sugar and stuff in ’em…but 2 months later?  I really need to update my stock!

Update 7:35pm

Jack got a good laugh out of his fake quote, then started digging into a little Chicken Milanese from CPK…

Flash wanted it to be known to all of mankind that, in the 4 1/2 hours he’s been here, he has not TOUCHED a single piece of chocolate on my coffee table…I responded by saying “let’s see how you do AFTER dinner.”  That’s another update…but to reinforce his point, Flash added this…”I’m on P90X!  You can’t break me!”…Whatever Dude.

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am that The Blob has returned.  When the calendar changed to 2010, I immediately began hounding Bob to begin writing again.  Having worked for the New York Times for 22 years, I’ve seen great writing…award-winning writing…but I consider the quality of writing in The Blob to be the kind of stuff that could, and I don’t think this is a stretch, change the course of history.  It’s THAT good.”

– Jack Curry, in a quote he never actually made but one that Bob wrote just to pump up his own blog.

Wow, thanks Jack!  Haha…as most of you know by now, I’ll do whatever is within my means, without completely embarrassing my co-workers, to make sure that The Blob comes to life and gets the attention it so richly deserves.  I’m not sure if I can win a Pulitzer, but at the very least, I wouldn’t mind being recognized by an important institution…like perhaps, the folks who hand out Nobel Prizes…or maybe the American Opthamology Association…I’d even settle for getting slimed on the Kids Choice Awards.

Jack is actually sitting right in front of me, on the couch that’s to the right of my desk…he has no idea that I wrote what I wrote, but don’t worry…I’m gonna tell him.  We’re watching the game with Flash (couch on the left) and studio director Mike Cooney, who’s opted for the right armrest on the couch on the left, for some reason….that can’t be comfy, can it?  I mean, who sits on an armrest?  Of course, it is a VERY comfy couch…a “sink into it, sleepy time” kinda couch.  And as soon as I can find the doggone USB cable to connect my digital camera to my computer, I’ll take a picture and show it to you.  Because, I mean, who DOESN’T want to see a picture of a couch…or sofa…or davenport…call it what you like.

OK, back to watching the game…I’ll let you know what Jack says when I tell him about his completely fake quote…


  1. nyyanks2548@hotmail.com

    glad the blob is back! and Jack should be proud of the fake quote you made.
    I bet Flaherty will be digging through the chocolates by the end of the game. No way he’ll resist.

  2. fran0322

    Good stuff Bob, especially the “quote”.

    To answer your quiz I think that both Jack and John keep score during the game.

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