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I Kept Up With The Jones…Live!

I am more than just a bit excited right now, and I think Flash shares my emotion to a slightly lesser extent (I think he’s coming off a sugar high from the chocolates on my table he said he wouldn’t eat), because Kim Jones answered one of OUR questions on her live chat tonight!  Kim, words cannot express my gratitude that you would include lil’ ol’ me and Flash as part of your ever-growing and rapidly expanding media empire!

Uh…PS Kim…in answering Flash’s question on the pregame about the one meal you’d treat yourself to on a “cheat” day…Diet Coke for a drink?!  We know you better than that!  And that’s all I’m sayin’!

Oh, and uh…PSS Kim…you listed Pete Abe’s LoHud, Neil Best’s Watchdog and Mark Feinsand as your favorite blogs…funny, ’cause I thought your colleague and erstwhile on-air BFF Bob Lorenz was doing a blog this year, no?…

ronblogblob.jpgI Have Urgent, Breaking Food News  Cannonball!!!!!  I just could not escape the Ron Burgundyism there…but seriously, “sources” tell me that today, during the taping of a soon-to-be-seen episode of CenterStage on YES, Michael Kay had to do what those who know him or have read KJ’s blogging about him, would consider is the unthinkable.

Here’s the deal…Kay knowers and KJ’s followers know that Michael hates in every way, shape and form, any sort of condiment on any sort of food…no ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, nothing!!!!…EVER!  Well, “sources” tell me that his guest on one of the shows, the chef Emeril Lagasse, brought Michael a special gift…paninis with chili mayonnaise…What to do?!  Can one tell the famous Emeril, “Oh, no thanks.”  I don’t think so!  So Michael actually took a bite of the panini with chili…gulp…mayo…double gulp.  Had to be reminiscent of the episode of Spongebob when Squidward ever so painstakingly took the smallest bite of a Krabby Patty…and ended up loving it!  But what about Michael?  Well, all I can tell you is that “sources” say he looked like the rest of us would look if we had to eat a spider.  That’s a loosely based quote.  So, America wants to know now…what did Michael think?  And will he be OK?!  I will ask him at some point tonight and report back…

Famous Chocolate  Just got done with the cut-in between the 4th and 5th inning…and when we went back to the Stadium, Michael wondered aloud what Flash and I had been chowing down on since Monday, and how much.  He then went on to mention the Easter Egg hunt like qualities of all the chocolates in my office!  Great reference!  I wonder if Michael likes chocolate and which of the Big Four (Reg. Hershey’s, Krackel, Mr. Goodbar and Special Dark) he would eat…this intrepid reporter/purveyor of fine chocolate will find THAT out as well and get back to you…

Revvin Up The Rivalry

1:20am  Wow, that ended up being a really weird kind of night, didn’t it?  Ken and I were only half-joking during commercial break of the postgame when we said it felt like we were doing breaking news on CNN…Bruney’s elbow barking, Ransom’s quad landing him on the DL, requiring one undecided roster move, while Wang being DL’d required another (David Robertson coming up Saturday, at least for a day or two).  All that depth when the Yankees broke camp seems to have evaporated into thin air, doesn’t it?

As for Mo, the point I tried to make with the guys in the booth on the postgame, which came out like “pajoesj flfjvhoiu fjefjdoif jdsli;fj foofoo” when I said it (I’m quite the wordsmith), is that on one hand, Mo’s blown save is understandable…he can’t always be perfect.  On the other hand, it’s hard to just shrug your shoulders at it given the intensity of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry…Mo is really a victim sometimes of his own greatness…there are worse things in life, though, than to be considered lock-down, fail-safe great, right?  Let’s just all raise a glass to Mo and look forward to Burnett vs. Beckett Saturday.  As Singy said, there are still 17 meetings between the 2 teams this season. 

PS  Enjoy the sunshine and the weekend!
9:00pm  An Italian food update for you on 2 fronts…first of all, with Ken in studio, we ordered out…a little Spazzio’s…Kenny went with the Insalata Caprese to start (and he pronounced it in perfect Italian), and a chunk o’ lasagna the size of yer head for his entree.  I went Broccoli Rabe with Sausage for an app, Penne Alla Vodka after that.  Now, here’s the other thing… Kenny makes pretty good spaghetti.  Know how I know this?  While sitting in my office, post-meal, watching the game, Ken asked me if I had read his wife’s blog…huh?!  Where’s her blog, I ask.  At yesnetwork.com…check out the blog section.  So I point and click, and lo and behold, there it is…”Mrs. Singy”…turns out Ken’s wife Suzanne is quite the accomplished writer!  And she’s already written a few blog entries…the first mused about the renewal of spring baseball and Ken heading off to Tampa.  That’s where I learned about his ability to make spaghetti, along with a variety of other domestic talents.  So I asked Kenny, the former switch-hitter extraordinaire, if he could flip flapjacks with both his left and right hands…Nope, just left-handed.  But I’ll bet they’re delicious!
Strap yourselves in!  For the next three days, it’s Yankees-Red Sox…first showdown of the season. And for this night…the Friday night opener…hang on extra tight to something, because Ken Singleton is in the hizzouse! (That’s about as “hip” as I can get without actually breaking my hip).

I always love it when Kenny’s in the studio. Last year, he made his first trip here and I was blown away how easily he picked up the highlights and video on the monitors and talked about what we were seeing…not that I didn’t expect greatness from him, but here’s the hook…After Ken’s playing days were over, he was a sports anchor for one of the local Baltimore TV stations! So, OF COURSE he knew how to segue right from being on camera to picking up the video highlights!  I think I can learn a thing or three from him…but hitting from the right side of the plate will not be one of them!  I’m a lefty all the way (here’s where I would normally brag about my lifetime .340 batting average, if it weren’t really, like, .218).  I do, however, golf right-handed. That’s because when I was a pup, my Pappy said, “Learn right-handed like your brother. I’m not paying for left-handed clubs, there, Zippy.” OK, he called me Bobby, not Zippy…but the rest of it’s true.

My Eyes Are Burning!  No joke…as I was typing that last line, I looked up at the monitor in my office and saw Chris Shearn doing a Time Out spot during the Mike Francesa Show wearing a bright yellow shirt, powder blue tie and navy blazer. I have GOT to get him on the Garanimals wardrobe system for sportscasters!  Whew!  (No offense, Chris, but that combo was way outside even YOUR wheelhouse, Bro.)

The Blob Loves PeteAbe Some people rely on American Idol to achieve fame…others Rock of Love…and still others, Flava of Love…for bloggers, it’s getting a mention on Pete Abraham’s World Famous LoHud Blog. First of all, Pete has something like 380,000,000 followers.  His work is terrific AND entertaining. And if he ENDORSES your blog?!  Forget it…it’s like a blessing from the Pope…or Oprah…or Poperah. Kim Jones got the blessing and now, there’s no Keeping Up With the Jones!!!! Her blog’s on fire. Here’s hoping my respectful and overly gratuitous mention of Pete Abe launches The Blob into the stratosphere!

More Blobbin’ to come as the night rolls on….

Friday Follies

3:50 p.m.  How’s this for YES karma? I submitted my latest Blob this afternoon just after 3:00 p.m. with a mention of KJ and I co-hosting a Food Network show, and just minutes later she updates her blog with the news that Food Network reps were making everyone in the booth food. Quick, KJ, before they leave … pitch our show!!!

Now, time to answer quickly to a few comments made on this and previous Blobs … Thanks to theduchess for realizing in today’s Blob that I am no sexist. I think the world of KJ AND theduchess! In a previous Blob re: Hershey’s Miniatures in my office, I did answer which was the most popular, but someone asked about it, so I’ll rinse and repeat … the most favorite lil bar in the bowl is Krackel! And for those intrigued/perplexed by writer/researcher/web sensation Glenn Giangrande having never seen “Groundhog Day,” he assured me yesterday that he will see it within a week’s time. I told him the clock was ticking and, actually, he only had five days left. Ya got tomorrow off, Glenn! A whole day off to fit an hour and a half of Bill Murray magic into your life … with a side dish of Andie MacDowell, the very underrated Chris Elliott, and a dash of Needlenose Ned, Ned the Head, C’mon Ya Know Me Buddy!!! (For those of you who DID see the movie, which is everybody BUT Glenn, you get that last reference!

Well, well, well … instead of just Blobbin’ right out of the gate today, I can’t believe that I have to clarify a remark made by me to the AL blog Leader, Kim Jones. But, because her fingers are the Fast and the Furious … In today’s edition of Keeping Up With the Jones, she revealed that in our pre-show phone meeting with producer Bill Boland (Billy Boles), I said, “You write pretty well — for a chick.” True. I said it. But KJ! You couldn’t add a comma and say something like, “I love it when he makes comments like that because I know that he respects my work and that’s just a fun way to take a shot at me,”? Maybe I need to start editing KJ’s blog. I just want to clarify that it wasn’t a sexist comment because ya know there might be folks out there who think that when they read it. I say it because her work is so good, both TV and writing, that she’s obliterated the line between men covering sports and women covering sports. She’s just plain great at it. Now, look at the body of the first part of this Blob … an 11-line paragraph having to explain a seven-word remark. Thanks for the angst and all the extra work, KJ … ain’t that just like a chick?!  Haha.

Feedin’ the animals
The previously mentioned Billy Boles with a great call today for lunch … a trip to the deli Rinaldi’s. He included me in the order and reminded me that this is the place where I always get the hot pastrami wedge with swiss and spicy mustard. So I ordered the same thing as always…and as always, I ate it like somebody was trying to take it away from me. I’m surprised I didn’t eat the paper and foil it came wrapped in. By the way, people have noticed how much Jones and I blog about food and what everybody on the staff consumes on a daily basis … I think we should be linked to a bunch of food blogs and Web sites … maybe we should co-host a show on the Food Network. “Bites and Burps, coming up next!”  P.S. Billy Boles had the #12 — chicken cutlet with peppers. He looks very happy.

Youve Never Seen That?!

I said that exact thing to 2 people this week…Don’t know if you know this, but before the pregame starts, Kim Jones and I usually chat a bit, just to make sure we’re on the same page, make sure she can hear me and vice versa, and to double check the mikes, etc.  So, tonight, she mentions that she can do with a little less cowbell, because the Rays’ fans go crazy shaking their cowbells.  Well, of course, what’s the line I’m gonna lay on her?!  “Kim, I gotta have more cowbell!”  That’s the key line from the great SNL skit featuring Will Ferrell as Gene Frenkle of Blue Oyster Cult, smacking his cowbell much to the dismay of his bandmates, and much to the delight of record producer Bruce Dickinson (Christopher Walken).  Well, it seems that KJ is one of the 5 or so people left in the world who hasn’t seen that!  I tried to explain it to her, but I think she glazed over midway through.  I hope she’ll search it on YouTube (or just click the video link below).  Enjoy the magic, Kim.

The other time took place a couple nights ago…I threw out a line from the movie Groundhog Day and our resident writer/researcher/web sensation Glenn Giangrande, who’s also the voice of our Just for Men Hold of the Day on the pregame, told me….no, admitted to me…that he’d never seen the movie Groundhog Day!  Who hasn’t seen that, except Glenn?!  I can’t count the number of times, when a day seems the same as another, I either say or I’ve heard others say, “It’s like Groundhog’s Day”, and everyone knows what that means!  So, right now, I’m issuing a Blob challenge to Glenn…Go rent and watch Groundhog Day or I’ll go out in the parking lot and let the air out of your tires!  I’m just kidding…I wouldn’t do that…I’d get somebody else to do it.

KJ is on fire!

I’ve gotta re-think my 4th inning strategy.  Now, I don’t wanna come across as overly superstitious, but weird things happen when I’m going to the set for the 4th inning cutin, when I do an update from another game.  It always seems that, when I leave my office mid-4th, and head up to the studio, the bottom half of the inning goes on waaaaay too long.  And in the case of tonight’s game, or any road game, that’s not good for the Yankees.  I sit down, plug in, mike up and sit, sit, sit.  Finally, the update.  Not good.  I’m gonna have to change things up, maybe leave my office with one out in the bottom of the 4th.  I know, I’m crazy…wouldn’t be the first time that’s been said!  Check ya later…
C’mon Blob! Man, I’ve gotta ramp it up … Kim Jones is absolutely crushing me with her new blog. She just fired off a pregame memo, and she says she’s already planning in-game updates … Keeping Up With the Jones?! No kiddin’, KJ!

Deep breath, everyone 
I’m always amazed at how many people go a little kookoo bananas after a season-opening loss. CC’s gonna be fine. So is Tex. I heard somebody say, “There’s a lot of baseball left.” Almost ridiculous to hear after just one game, no? I just wonder how many straight wins it would take for those already putting a toe over the ledge to step back and chill a bit.

Day off? For what?!
Nah, I know why MLB schedules a day off after a season opener, but the day off yesterday was like being on the part of a roller coaster that’s NOT a thrill … like you just go screaming at an 80-degree angle down a track, then level off and coast around a corner … keep the adrenaline flowin’!

By the way, you know what I love to do when I’m on a coaster at a theme park? Find out where the camera is that takes a picture you can buy after the ride’s over. I did that a month or so ago at Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster at Disney. It’s right at the start … 0-70 mph in no time flat, and I make the goofiest or most shocked faces. Just watch the reaction of the people you’re riding with when they see the picture! Priceless. Maybe I’ll do the same thing at the start of the pregame tonight, or maybe not.But now ya know how I get my kicks on a coaster. More later….