Friday Follies

3:50 p.m.  How’s this for YES karma? I submitted my latest Blob this afternoon just after 3:00 p.m. with a mention of KJ and I co-hosting a Food Network show, and just minutes later she updates her blog with the news that Food Network reps were making everyone in the booth food. Quick, KJ, before they leave … pitch our show!!!

Now, time to answer quickly to a few comments made on this and previous Blobs … Thanks to theduchess for realizing in today’s Blob that I am no sexist. I think the world of KJ AND theduchess! In a previous Blob re: Hershey’s Miniatures in my office, I did answer which was the most popular, but someone asked about it, so I’ll rinse and repeat … the most favorite lil bar in the bowl is Krackel! And for those intrigued/perplexed by writer/researcher/web sensation Glenn Giangrande having never seen “Groundhog Day,” he assured me yesterday that he will see it within a week’s time. I told him the clock was ticking and, actually, he only had five days left. Ya got tomorrow off, Glenn! A whole day off to fit an hour and a half of Bill Murray magic into your life … with a side dish of Andie MacDowell, the very underrated Chris Elliott, and a dash of Needlenose Ned, Ned the Head, C’mon Ya Know Me Buddy!!! (For those of you who DID see the movie, which is everybody BUT Glenn, you get that last reference!

Well, well, well … instead of just Blobbin’ right out of the gate today, I can’t believe that I have to clarify a remark made by me to the AL blog Leader, Kim Jones. But, because her fingers are the Fast and the Furious … In today’s edition of Keeping Up With the Jones, she revealed that in our pre-show phone meeting with producer Bill Boland (Billy Boles), I said, “You write pretty well — for a chick.” True. I said it. But KJ! You couldn’t add a comma and say something like, “I love it when he makes comments like that because I know that he respects my work and that’s just a fun way to take a shot at me,”? Maybe I need to start editing KJ’s blog. I just want to clarify that it wasn’t a sexist comment because ya know there might be folks out there who think that when they read it. I say it because her work is so good, both TV and writing, that she’s obliterated the line between men covering sports and women covering sports. She’s just plain great at it. Now, look at the body of the first part of this Blob … an 11-line paragraph having to explain a seven-word remark. Thanks for the angst and all the extra work, KJ … ain’t that just like a chick?!  Haha.

Feedin’ the animals
The previously mentioned Billy Boles with a great call today for lunch … a trip to the deli Rinaldi’s. He included me in the order and reminded me that this is the place where I always get the hot pastrami wedge with swiss and spicy mustard. So I ordered the same thing as always…and as always, I ate it like somebody was trying to take it away from me. I’m surprised I didn’t eat the paper and foil it came wrapped in. By the way, people have noticed how much Jones and I blog about food and what everybody on the staff consumes on a daily basis … I think we should be linked to a bunch of food blogs and Web sites … maybe we should co-host a show on the Food Network. “Bites and Burps, coming up next!”  P.S. Billy Boles had the #12 — chicken cutlet with peppers. He looks very happy.


  1. theduchess

    Oh, Bob. No worries, you’re too lovable to gang up on for sexism anyway.

    You guys are such carnivores at the ballpark. Your poor cholesterol levels.

  2. theduchess

    Bob, you need to mention The Blob on the postgame! If you’re going to regularly update, you might as well get a steady stream of visitors. That, or needs to make your guys’ blogs more prominent on the main page.

  3. makemeshiver

    Hey Bob! Love The Blob and you’re very entertaining on the pre and post games. You make me laugh. 🙂 I have to back up theduchess in wanting to know which games David Cone will be going on. I’m a cute young girl, he won’t mind running into me. 😉 Oh, and can you please let AJ Burnett know that his pitching is VERY sexy? I’m sure he’ll like hearing that he’s a hit with the NY ladies! Yay to a Yankees win!

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