March 2009

Ron Burgundy I Now Have Even More In Common

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Ron Burgundy have numerous trophies & awards on one of the shelves in his office that smells of rich mahogany? Can’t remember clearly, but on Sunday night, I was fortunate enough to win the Emmy for Best Anchor – Sports at the NY Emmys, one of 13 garnered by the YES Network. I tell you this not to blow my own horn but to tell you there are 2 huge reasons for my good fortune…The first is that I have the pleasure of working with some great people in the studio that support me and make my job very easy. Forgive the litany of names this once, but I’d like to give credit where credit is due…Studio producers Bill Boland, Jared Boshnack and Troy Benjamin; Directors Michael Cooney and John Purcell; in the studio with me, cameramen Chris Luppi and Paul Ferrigno; lighting George Greczylo; prompter Terry Drugan, Esq., and in research & development, Jeff Quagliata, Glenn Giangrande and Brandon Shapiro…and let me just fire off a few more names…Muggsy, Megan, Ryan, Cam, Lee, Ed, Scotty, Rick, Pearl, Fitz, Rebecca, Paul, the other Bob… gosh, if I missed anybody else in or near the control room, let me know and I’ll mention you in a future Blob. And, of course, I think Michael, Kenny, Flash, David, Al, Paul and Kim are the best on-air partners in the biz…And I think equally of the Nets’ crew, featuring Ian, Michelle, Jim, Marv and Mike. Thanks to them all.

Second & Equally Important The other reason for my good fortune is you, the viewers, and all the new Blobbers out there. It is not lost on me that, if you were not watching, we would not have jobs…or maybe they’d let us in the studio but we’d be talking to no one and working our hardest for no reason. All the people I mentioned and more, give it our all every night so that you will continue to tune in, and maybe you’ll tell 2 friends, and they’ll tell 2 friends, and so on and so on and so on…(Remember that shampoo commercial?!) Anyway, you get my drift…thanks very much.

OK, Now On With The Show! The curtain rises on a new era Friday night, the exhibition opening of the new Yankee Stadium. It’s kinda cool that we’re all going to be a part of it. Think of all the stories we’ve heard from folks who were around when the original stadium opened in 1923. One day, we’ll all be saying how WE were witness to the opening of the new cathedral. Hope you’ll join us Friday night for the pregame from the field, and then the Yankees vs. the Cubs after that…and then a postgame…you know the drill. Until then, keep on Blobbin’…

Headin Back North

Just sitting at the gate by the Bay….wasting time. Sing it. I’m waiting for my flight at TPA after 4 more glorious days in the Florida sun, crisped to a just-slightly-less-than-nuclear shade of red…gotta amp up the sunblock. I say that EVERY time. But then I think, “Oh wait, I’m sure THIS will be the time I acquire the perfect tan.” Good luck with that, Bobbo. Anyway, played golf this morning with some of our great sponsors this season for our Yankees telecasts and pre- and postgame shows…Flaherty and Singleton were there. Kenny…good. Flash and me today…not so good. In Flash’s smoldering anger at lunch afterwards, I think I saw him eat one of his fingers unwittingly as he took a bite of his hamburger. But I’ll have to double check that when I see him next time, April 3rd, for the exhibition home opener vs. the Cubs…(only on YES). Really, though, we had a great time with the sponsors, just not with the sticks. And with regard to Mr. Singleton, AKA VLJ, Voice Like Jazz, I had the pleasure of working play-by-play with him Thursday afternoon on the Yankees-Phillies game. Let me tell you one thing you need to know about Kenny…he has not only a great knowledge of the game, but an almost frightening recollection of said knowledge. I can bust out any name of any player, and he is armed and ready with not just basic facts but interesting sidebars on them. For example, we were talking about Shane Victorino, and he mentioned how not once, but twice he’d been acquired through the Rule 5 draft, which means…as Kenny put it…two other teams basically gave up on him before he blossomed with the Phils. Now…maybe I SHOULD have known that??? I don’t know. But it’s that kinda stuff that amazes me about him and lends an extra little layer of interest to a telecast. Really? Ya didn’t know? Is anyone else amazed that, with security at airports having been heightened for years now, people are STILL so unprepared to go through security? I mean, you’re standing in line for 30 minutes…can you unlace your shoes sometime during that time?! Or remove your belt or jacket? Then as the line clogs up at the scanning machine, the person has to go back to get 2 buckets and then realizes that the boarding pass they JUST TOLD you must be shown to them is in the bag that just went through the scanner?! Just save us all trouble and take a unicycle next time. Warmer up there? Dear Weather, please be warmer when I get home. I heard it was nice today. I hope it stays. I guess I could check, but I’m too busy Blobbin’. You keep on Blobbin’, too.

Night Day in Tampa

Down in Tampa…first order of business, our annual State of the Union meetings on Wednesday. And if there was a list called “Guys Who Don’t Like To Attend Meetings”, Paul O’Neill would probably knock people over to sign that list first. Paulie always had laser-like focus at the plate and on the field, but I’m pretty sure I saw a thought bubble over his head at the meeting, and in it he was teeing off on the 1st hole at Innisbrook. So now, we’re geared up and the table is set for our first game coverage from the new stadium, the exhibition game April 3rd vs. the Cubs. Flaherty and I will be on the field, Kim Jones will be roving around to give us a lot of different looks at all the great stuff inside the new stadium…everybody’s gonna be involved and we hope to see you out there. Meet, then Greet Post-meeting, we all head out for dinner…Michael Kay to my left, enjoying a wedge salad with no dressing. It’s no state secret that Michael is not a condiment or salad dressing man. He’s made note of it. He seemed to enjoy the gigantic hunk of iceberg on his plate. Bon appetit. And to my right, Flash….absolutely crushing a 12-ounce filet. I have to give credit to the Times Tyler Kepner, a frequent guest on Yankees Hot Stove, for using the word “crush” as a verb to describe absolutely devouring a food product. He did it a few days ago. It’s very appropriate, don’t you think? Game Face This might be my last entry of the day. I’m doing my final prep as I get ready to broadcast the Yankees-Phillies game from Clearwater with Ken Singleton. Enjoy the game on YES! And until next time, keep on Blobbin’….

Funday Sunday

Just got done doing the Infiniti Nets Pregame…Cavs vs. Nets…LeBron at the ‘Zod…That vertical leap on Zydrunas Ilgauskus’ jump shot must be AT LEAST 2 inches!  Here’s hoping the Nets’ playoff drive down the stretch continues…Love L Frank as head coach, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  Meanwhile, the guys in the studio are talking about a low-budget horror flick called “Jeepers Creepers”.  I don’t know it and I don’t think I WANT to know it.  Anybody?  Worth a rental?  I’ll try to glean more insight during the halftime show.  But on a separate movie review note, go rent In Bruges.  Awesome flick.  Halftime  The Lexus Halftime Report is in the books, and the review is in…studio cameraman extraordinaire Chris Luppi had this to say about “Jeepers Creepers”…and I quote…”It’s the worst movie in the history of cinema.”  But that’s not stopping the crew from considering a viewing of “Jeepers Creepers 2”.  I’ll say this…they dig deep into the layers of movies and genres for the benefit of mankind…or they’re gluttons for punishment…or both.  Postgame  Nets lose to the Cavs…LeBron is something to watch…Now, it’s a wrap from the studio.  I’m off to Tampa.  I’ll try to blob from there, pending my schedule.  Have a great week…and keep on Blobbin’.  

Tourney Break!

I fell asleep late last night and woke up this morning covered in tons of paperwork…NCAA bracket forms and spreadsheets, data printouts, trying to figure out who to pick. I was also covered in orange Cheetos dust. I need to stop with the latenight snacking. Quick Break: I’m off for a few days but will be back with the Nets pre and post Sunday. Then I’m off to Tampa, Round 2…Yanks- Red Sox Tuesday night from Steinbrenner Field. Meeting Wednesday…maybe sneak in a little golf? Thursday, it’s Bobby Lo and Singleton, AKA VLJ…Voice Like Jazz…with the call of Yankees-Phillies. Are you ready for the pre-opening of the New Yankee Stadium? Catch it April 3rd…Yankees vs. Cubs…only on YES! (Shameless promo) Have a great weekend and until next time….keep on Blobbin’.

In the beginning…

It’s bigger…it’s better…it’s bloggier than ever!  It’s the relaunch of, featuring exciting new content…none more exciting than my blog (at least that’s what I was told by a leprechaun that I saw while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day…everybody saw a leprechaun like me, right?)  It’s called The Blob, Musings from the Set…I’ll share stories that happen during the pre- and postgame shows, during commercial breaks, during bathroom breaks…well, no, not during bathroom breaks…but you get the idea.  For example, if John Flaherty happens to be in studio some night, and he absolutely inhales an entire container of lasagna from Spazzio’s in about 3 minutes while we’re in my office watching the game, you’ll be the first to know!  Or if the always gentlemanly Ken Singleton is in the house and decides he’s tired of looking at me, and punches me in the side of the head…I’ll blog about it…from the back of the ambulance!  It’s gonna be a lot of fun, and I hope you share your comments, thoughts and musings of your own.  Hey, be honest, all of us rarely get to use the word “musings” so let’s take advantage of it.  Until next time….keep on Blobbin’.