In the beginning…

It’s bigger…it’s better…it’s bloggier than ever!  It’s the relaunch of, featuring exciting new content…none more exciting than my blog (at least that’s what I was told by a leprechaun that I saw while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day…everybody saw a leprechaun like me, right?)  It’s called The Blob, Musings from the Set…I’ll share stories that happen during the pre- and postgame shows, during commercial breaks, during bathroom breaks…well, no, not during bathroom breaks…but you get the idea.  For example, if John Flaherty happens to be in studio some night, and he absolutely inhales an entire container of lasagna from Spazzio’s in about 3 minutes while we’re in my office watching the game, you’ll be the first to know!  Or if the always gentlemanly Ken Singleton is in the house and decides he’s tired of looking at me, and punches me in the side of the head…I’ll blog about it…from the back of the ambulance!  It’s gonna be a lot of fun, and I hope you share your comments, thoughts and musings of your own.  Hey, be honest, all of us rarely get to use the word “musings” so let’s take advantage of it.  Until next time….keep on Blobbin’.


  1. ladytoni

    It’s about time that a blob, like you Bob, now have your own blog. I for one will enjoy reading your “musings” during any break! ;-}

  2. yankeexx

    So you’ll be blobbing the bombers..this is a must see and a must read. Consider yourself bookmarked on my computer.


    Sweeeet. It’s about time you got a blog of your own, Bob! I look forward to reading this!

  4. sevrox

    Hey Bob – Welcome to this wondrous web of interconnected tubes. Thought that was Stephen Colbert with the raised eyebrow there. Always knew you had some sense of humours!

    You’re bookmarked now so don’t disappoint!

  5. boblorenz

    Wow sevrox! “…so don’t disappoint.” Pressure’s on! But I vow to do my best to live up to your challenge! Thanks for checking in.

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