Tourney Break!

I fell asleep late last night and woke up this morning covered in tons of paperwork…NCAA bracket forms and spreadsheets, data printouts, trying to figure out who to pick. I was also covered in orange Cheetos dust. I need to stop with the latenight snacking. Quick Break: I’m off for a few days but will be back with the Nets pre and post Sunday. Then I’m off to Tampa, Round 2…Yanks- Red Sox Tuesday night from Steinbrenner Field. Meeting Wednesday…maybe sneak in a little golf? Thursday, it’s Bobby Lo and Singleton, AKA VLJ…Voice Like Jazz…with the call of Yankees-Phillies. Are you ready for the pre-opening of the New Yankee Stadium? Catch it April 3rd…Yankees vs. Cubs…only on YES! (Shameless promo) Have a great weekend and until next time….keep on Blobbin’.

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Welcome to the blog world. I’m quite impressed with you ability to do the People’s Eyebrow.

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