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Diamond and the Rough

Pregame’s over … time to get Blobbin’. No interesting musings from the set tonight, really … a rather quiet night in the studio, despite the fact that we did a little pre-game overtime because of the opening-game ceremony at the New K in KC. Amazing that the Yankees are involved in four season openers this year…Baltimore, KC, next vs. the Rays at the Trop, and then home to open the new stadium. They are also opening a new car wash and a new laundromat in the Bronx.  Not true … I just made that up (could ya guess?!)

I gotta admit, I’m doing a little back and forth between the 2 TVs in my office. Yankees-Royals on the left, and The Masters on the right. The little tourney in Augusta holds a special place in my heart … take ya back to 1990 … I was covering the Masters for the TV station I worked for in West Palm Beach, Fla. We had a bunch of golfers who lived in the PB area that we followed. Anyway, I work from Tuesday to Sunday, and on that Sunday, I find out that I was one of the lucky few media members to win the lottery and get the chance to play Augusta the next day. So, I called my very pregnant wife, who was still about three weeks away from her due date, and mumbled something about having to play the holy mecca of golf.  She understood and she doesn’t even play golf … very cool. I won’t give you the gory details (seven 3-putts, guess I just did), but I did birdie the 9th, and went bogey, par, bogey through Amen Corner. Got home late Monday night and about 19 hours later, my son, Tyler, was born. Timing is everything. It was a very, very, very good week.