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Its Raining on the Blob

I need some form of new wave light therapy…a mood enhancer…to get me outta this gray-skied, rain-induced funk I’m in…how many others get this way?

Yesterday, I’m all fired up to drive in to work and talk a little Yankees-A’s…next thing I know, I get the call from producer Billy Boles…”Bob, early decision on rainout.  You don’t need to come in.”  So that means…no baseball for me Monday, OR Tuesday (My9 game), OR Wednesday (my one game off this month), OR Thursday (off day for Yanks).  I’m gonna go out of my mind! Is there a list of stuff for me to do around the house? Sure!  But do I really want to get to it?! Of course not!  I love doing the pre and postgames, and when there’s a four-day drought (no weather pun intended), it’s brutal.

But here’s the good news!  Ladies and Gentlemen, in his first appearance of the year, Friday night and Friday night only!…In studio, one of Baltimore’s favorite sons…KEN SINGLETON!!! That’s right, in the most limited of engagements, Kenny will be in studio with me for Friday night’s series opener at Fenway vs. the Red Sox. Can’t wait. Hoping for plenty of Blobbable moments…because let’s be honest…when it’s just me in studio, there’s not as much Blob-worthy material…”Hey, I realized in the C-Block I had lint on my left shoulder and you could see it on camera…in HD!”  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Unless you want to know the eating habits of Chris, Paul, George, Terry and Quags in the studio?  Because I’d be more than happy to share that with you. Goodness knows Kim Jones and the game crew have quite a foodie following every night!  BTW, I’m thinking of bringing a digital camera to work and taking pics of the studio, guys in the studio, Kenny sitting next to me, etc. Things I see from my vantage point. I could even extend that to the control room, break room, bathrooms…no wait, I don’t need any lawsuits…I’ll stay out of the loos…But if the other pics are of interest to you, let me know and I’ll do it.

This WASN’T on my list  Like KJ, I got sucked into the vortex of Dancing With the Stars last night, since we were rained out…I am not a follower or fan of the show, although I do appreciate the, shall we say, athleticism of the female dancers???…But I knew the wife watches the show, so I figured I’d take one for the team and watch with her. And I lived to Blob about it. By the way, I have never read this anywhere, I’m only making this observation from watching, but does Tom Bergeron despise Samantha Harris? Watch how, when it’s her turn to talk, he kinda drops his mike off to the side with a slight smirk on his face and never really looks directly at her. He sort of looks off to the side of her. I notice this because, when I worked in local TV years ago, we had a male anchor who thought he was far superior to his female co-anchor and they didn’t get along, so when they were on a two-shot together ****-chatting, he’d always look off at the monitor to his right, where she sat, and not directly at her as she was speaking. He’d barely tolerate what she had to say, until it was his turn to speak again. Just sayin’…same thing on DWTS?

A Couple Answers to Your Questions
  From a previous Blob comment…both theduchess and makemeshiver would like me to detail David Cone’s game schedule on The Blob. They want to meet him. Oh, but why? David’s awfully shy, doesn’t get out much and prefers to sit quietly in a small room and read a good book….while drinking chocolate milk or a Fresca…but only when he’s visiting Neptune.  And makemeshiver added this…”Please tell A.J. Burnett his pitching is very sexy”. Absolutely!  Next time I see him, it’s the first thing I’ll say to him…”Hey, AJ, what’s up, Dude?  Your pitching is very sexy!  Uh, wait, no…that’s not me saying that!  Come back here.  That’s makemeshiver.  No, I’m not saying YOU makemeshiver…it part of the Blob.  No, I didn’t say you’re a blob, A.J.  You have a great body.  I mean, wait…it’s clear that you work out.  How much do you bench, Dude?”  You know what?  I think I’ll just tell him to read the Blob.  Have a great day!