Funday Sunday

Just got done doing the Infiniti Nets Pregame…Cavs vs. Nets…LeBron at the ‘Zod…That vertical leap on Zydrunas Ilgauskus’ jump shot must be AT LEAST 2 inches!  Here’s hoping the Nets’ playoff drive down the stretch continues…Love L Frank as head coach, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  Meanwhile, the guys in the studio are talking about a low-budget horror flick called “Jeepers Creepers”.  I don’t know it and I don’t think I WANT to know it.  Anybody?  Worth a rental?  I’ll try to glean more insight during the halftime show.  But on a separate movie review note, go rent In Bruges.  Awesome flick.  Halftime  The Lexus Halftime Report is in the books, and the review is in…studio cameraman extraordinaire Chris Luppi had this to say about “Jeepers Creepers”…and I quote…”It’s the worst movie in the history of cinema.”  But that’s not stopping the crew from considering a viewing of “Jeepers Creepers 2”.  I’ll say this…they dig deep into the layers of movies and genres for the benefit of mankind…or they’re gluttons for punishment…or both.  Postgame  Nets lose to the Cavs…LeBron is something to watch…Now, it’s a wrap from the studio.  I’m off to Tampa.  I’ll try to blob from there, pending my schedule.  Have a great week…and keep on Blobbin’.  


  1. metseptember

    The bottom line is this blog (or should I say blob?) rules. Period. Love the eyebrow in the picture, too. Tell me, Bob, what’s it like working with David Cone?

    • boblorenz

      Hey metseptember! Awfully nice of you to say about the blob. The arched eyebrow took incredibly intense training with an eyebrow expert. Kinda like Black Mamba with Hittori Hanzo in Kill Bill. As for working with David Cone?….Awesome…He’s such a great guy you’d never expect he had the KILLER INSTINCT that he had as a pitcher. Note the caps….KILLER INSTINCT. And so far, he doesn’t seem annoyed by me, so I already consider myself in the bonus round! Talk to ya!

  2. dtblamejoe

    Bob Lorenz you should be calling the Yankee games sometimes. Haha your the man. Whats it like having the job you have, do you fun doing it? (Sweet picture)

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