Night Day in Tampa

Down in Tampa…first order of business, our annual State of the Union meetings on Wednesday.  And if there was a list called “Guys Who Don’t Like To Attend Meetings”, Paul O’Neill would probably knock people over to sign that list first.  Paulie always had laser-like focus at the plate and on the field, but I’m pretty sure I saw a thought bubble over his head at the meeting, and in it he was teeing off on the 1st hole at Innisbrook.  So now, we’re geared up and the table is set for our first game coverage from the new stadium, the exhibition game April 3rd vs. the Cubs.  Flaherty and I will be on the field, Kim Jones will be roving around to give us a lot of different looks at all the great stuff inside the new stadium…everybody’s gonna be involved and we hope to see you out there.  Meet, then Greet  Post-meeting, we all head out for dinner…Michael Kay to my left, enjoying a wedge salad with no dressing.  It’s no state secret that Michael is not a condiment or salad dressing man.  He’s made note of it.  He seemed to enjoy the gigantic hunk of iceberg on his plate.  Bon appetit.  And to my right, Flash….absolutely crushing a 12-ounce filet.  I have to give credit to the Times Tyler Kepner, a frequent guest on Yankees Hot Stove, for using the word “crush” as a verb to describe absolutely devouring a food product.  He did it a few days ago. It’s very appropriate, don’t you think?  Game Face  This might be my last entry of the day.  I’m doing my final prep as I get ready to broadcast the Yankees-Phillies game from Clearwater with Ken Singleton.  Enjoy the game on YES!  And until next time, keep on Blobbin’….


  1. bakekrukow

    Uh, Bob, your surprised O’Neill doesn’t lke meetings? I just think he’s lazy! He has what, like 6 games on his schedule all year?! He could learn a lesson from ironmen lke you who cover every game. By the way, do you still have that awsome framed photo of Michael kay that John Flahrety gave you for Christmas on Yankees Hot Stove? You could probably get some big cash for that on eBay. Not everyday you see a fine artifact such as that! (Hahahahaha)


    I love your blob so far Bob especially the parts where you tell us about what’s going on with yourself and everyone else, it is very interesting and cool, keep up the good work, I will keep on reading!

    Dana Trentacost Wayne, NJ

  3. letsgoyankees

    bakekrukow, I’ll assume you’re joking when you call Paul O’Neill lazy. The man’s nickname was the warrior. He gave 110% every game.

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