First Things First

I got my first look at the new Yankee Stadium last night, and while the most often word used to describe it is “Wow”, I think I’ll channel my man Will Ferrell via James Lipton, by using the word “scrumptrulescent”!  It really is first-class in every way.  I walked the concourses, checked out the food court…and, by the way, don’t be surprised if you don’t always see the stands filled at any given moment…here’s why…it’s now very safe to get up and go get food and bev because, while you’re standing in line, you just turn around and still watch the ballgame!  So I can see more people feeling the freedom to grub up without worrying about missing something or having to watch it on a 19-inch monitor.  Excess?  Excuse me?  You’ve no doubt read a handful of columns about the excess or over-the-top nature of the new stadium.  (Where’s my audio man?  Cue up the “crying baby” track).  Bottom line:  The Yankees are renowned for pouring their $ back into their product.  They do it with the roster because they want to win championships.  Mr. Steinbrenner has always said he does it for the fans, to try and give them a winner.  So why wouldn’t they do the same thing with their new ballpark?  Let me ask you this:  If I give you the choice between staying at a Motel 6 or a Ritz Carlton, where are you checking in?  That’s what I thought.  The Yankees have built their fans a Ritz….check in and enjoy the stay.  Old Times, New Times, Good Times  I’ve had a few friends say how they miss the old place…the nostalgia, all the history there…I get it.  Some of the greatest moments in baseball history took place in the old Yankee Stadium.  But there are plenty of new ones ahead…and even though it was an exhibition game, didn’t you get a little charge of out of Derek Jeter getting the first Yankee hit?  Robbie Cano mashing the first homer?  Enjoy the past, by all means, but embrace the present and future.  Get Me to Monday!  OK, who really LOVES Monday?  Not usually, but with the dawn of a new season, I can’t wait!  Pregame at 3pm on YES, then gametime as the quest for #27 starts fresh.  I’ll have Blobs all day from the set & studio…Until then, keep on Blobbin’….    


Bob….first of all…congrats on your Emmy. Consider me one of your “blobbers” aka blob readers. The stadium is spectac for sure. Is it Monday yet? Until then..Go Yankees!!!

I think it was meant to be that Derek Jeter got the first hit aka the house that jeter bulit

I think it was meant to be that Derek Jeter got the first hit aka the house that jeter bulit

I think it was meant to be that Derek Jeter got the first hit aka the house that jeter bulit


Congrats on your emmy and the start of this blog. I am a fellow Yankees blogger myself, I also discuss other sports but focus on the Yankees. I enjoy watching you as host of the pre and post game shows. good luck and I hope you will check out my blog I will add your blog to my list on my blog, keep up the good work

Hey Bob- Thanks for the great work

Can you let us know if the Yes Network is going to find a new camera location behind the plate? Trying to watch live action through the screen is driving me nuts

Here’s to a great 2009

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