Wrappin It Up in Baltimore

Nice to see the Yankees offense come to life and AJ Burnett set the table for his 1st win as a Yankee.  In light of the Nick Adenhart news (if you didn’t hear, he’s the 22-year-old Angels rookie pitcher who was killed in a hit-and-run car accident this morning just hours after making his season debut for Anaheim), I just hope that the Yankees, and everyone else for that matter, remember that at the very heart of things, baseball players play a game that they, and we, should enjoy for what it is.  It’s not life and death.  Wins are important in the baseball scheme of things.  But in the grand scheme of things, enjoying the moment, wearing a smile, being a positive person and trying to spread that vibe to the world means more.  It’s a thought worth remembering when all of us take things too seriously.  And we need to send good thoughts towards the Angels and the Adenhart family.  I hope you enjoyed the game and it’s outcome today.  I hope you enjoy the day and your family even more.
You learn something new every day … I really believe that, and it’s proven true in the season-opening series vs. the Orioles. And we’ve been schooled by Kim Jones!

First, we learned yesterday that O’s Japanese import Koji Uehara prefers to go by his first name, Koji, as opposed to his last name. .. not uncommon, like Ichiro. And today, we discovered that O’s starter Alfredo Simon wants his last name pronounced like the “Simon” in “Simon Cowell” or “Neil Simon,” if you prefer. The original MLB pronunciation guide referred to him as “See-moan”, with Spanish flair. Let’s hope he’s Simple Simon, as in simple for the Yankees hitters to figure out.

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  1. dwaynescott1@hotmail.com

    Long live the YANKS!!!! This team has a lot of potential and flare!! Kinda scary to think it now–but remember this blog, always–this team reminds me of the Yanks in “95” early potential, and they will come together and click as 1 unit, 1 machine–mark these words–we already have Yankee fans strategically placed in all ball parks–u seen the oriole gm!! stay tuned. lol

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