Saturday Nights Alright for Writin


If you get the chance, read Kim Jones’ blog…and, yes, it’s true…I did say her earrings looked like monster truck rims!  We have a lotta fun chatting before she and I go on the air… a few other things I noticed during the game…Cone saying he was at a Waffle House at 5:00am… no doubt…Flash saying he had a salad, chicken breast and “a couple glasses of water”… the salad and chicken, I’m buyin’…the water…not so much.

Gotta keep Nick the Quick Swisher in the lineup, the way he’s swinging the bat…but do a little predicting with me…it’s righthander Gil Meche in Sunday’s finale…does Swisher go back to RF and knock Nady out…does he spell Tex again at 1st and let him rest his wrist a little more…or does Swish DH and let Matsui have an early day off?  Interesting…

Don’t know if I’ll have time to Blob anymore tonight the way this game’s moving, so here’s the answer to the Hershey’s Miniature pop quiz…The most often sought Miniature out of the bowl is….(drum roll)…Krackel!  That little red-wrapped combo of chocolate and rice krispie fuels the engine of a lot o folks around here.  Blob on…
Sitting here in my office…preppin’ for the pregame, watching The Masters, Blobbin’…  I have to add a footnote to my Blob yesterday re: my son and The Masters.  yankeegirl224 was so nice in congratulating me and my wife on the birth of our son. I’m just not sure if she missed the one little line that said that was back in 1990!  That lil’ whippersnapper just turned 19 years old!  But thank you yankeegirl224, for your kindness… and for Blobbin’.

Is this a diet plan?  Whenever I’m in my office working on the show, I’m tempted to eat things that I probably shouldn’t eat. For example, on the table in front of my sofa, there are are regular M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, small Reese’s peanut butter cups and a bowl with those awesome little Hershey’s Miniatures. Restraint would tell me to enjoy a couple then step away from the table. But I tear through about 12 of ’em and I end up wondering how all those little wrappers ended up in my trash can. But whenever baseball season rolls around, I have a new plan. I keep myself busy with bags o’ sunflower seeds… and not just any seeds, but David seeds… they’re the best, in my opinion. So here I sit, crackin’ and spittin’, crackin’ and spittin’… and I ask you: is this a sensible alternative?  Or am I gonna blow up from all the salt?! If I do, be glad you’re sitting on THAT side of the camera!

Pop Quiz: I mentioned the awesomeness of Hershey’s Miniatures a moment ago. The candy is for all my friends and co-workers here at the studio to share. So… pop quiz… between regular Hershey’s chocolate, Special Dark chocolate, Mr. Goodbar and Krackel (that’s the way it’s spelled)… which do YOU think goes the fastest? I’ll be back later tonight with a Blob update to let you know.


While I prefer the dark chocolate, the regular Hershey’s probably goes the fastest. And about your diet, would you really rather have a Michael Kay taste in food?!

All of you at YES did a great job tonight. Good win for the Yankees, score early and great pitching. What made the game interesting to watch, in addition to game analysis was the conversation about KC. David Cone really shared his experience about the city and Royals history, his comments about his Hall of Fame prospects were so respectful of his contemporaries and humble. He and Flash are both class guys and an important part of Yankees wining history.

Thanks guys, I hope Kim doesn?t mind being called one of the guys.

Krackel goes first in my house.

The Special Dark miniatures are good for you so snack with no guilt!

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