Back to the Blob

With the game on My9 last night, I got a chance to chill and watch from home.  Just hangin’ in the basement @ Casa de Blob, watching AJ Burnett deal on my big screen, which is the exact same size as the new HD screen at Yankee Stadium…59 feet by 101 feet…yeah, right Bob!  But throwin’ down a brick oven pepperoni pizza was the right call!  Milk was a bad choice…that’s why I didn’t have any.  Enjoyed listening to Kay, Cone and Flaherty work the game…and I loved it when Michael made a comment comparing Flash to a gladiator…I texted Flash that he’s like Russell Crowe in Gladiator…MAXIMUS!  MAXIMUS!  Listen, if you’re gonna be compared to a gladiator, THAT’S the gladiator I want to be!

Another reason why Kim Jones is so awesome  I read this in the comments section of KJ’s latest blog:

“Kim, congrats for the top-10 debut in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders, our
regular rankings of tens of thousands of baseball blogs by page views.
Enjoying your posts!”

I was ranked 23rd….with a bullet.

PS  What’s with all the grilled chicken they eat in the booth?  Mix in a double chili cheeseburger once in a while, you health freaks!  Haha.

Another reason why Jackie Robinson is so awesome  I was looking at our Toyota Text Poll for today’s game and it asked:  Besides breaking baseball’s color barrier, which is Jackie Robinson’s great accomplishment?  Rookie of the Year in 1947?  Winning NL MVP 2 years later?  Leading the Dodgers to 6 World Series appearances?  Or being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962?  And I think my vote goes to winning Rookie of the Year…here’s why and I’m going to make my case drawing a very odd but hopefully understandable comparison.  Going into this season, many wondered aloud how Alex Rodriguez would handle all the distractions of his off-season admittance of using performance enhancing drugs while with the Rangers…plus the book that’s coming out on him next month…plus whatever personal life stuff crops up from time to time….etc, etc, etc.  And people said it might finally break him.  Now, compare that to what Robinson endured…the absolute hatred, bigotry…not only from fans but from his fellow players…the taunts and comments he heard at every single ballgame, every day, maybe almost every waking moment of his life at that point…yet Robinson not only kept quiet and never fought back…he played SO WELL that, even when it would have probably been easier for voters to just vote for somebody else that year, they realized…no matter the color of his skin…Jackie Robinson had played at such a high level that there was no way THEY COULDN’T vote him Rookie of the Year!  And he played at that high level despite all the turmoil swirling around him.  That speaks volumes about the man.  Now, I’m interested in your thoughts and the results of the poll.  


  1. theduchess

    Hi Bob, funny blog title.

    Please keep us up to date on what road trips Coney will be making. My friend and I intend to groupie him up this year, but we need to know where he’ll be. (No, this isn’t a joke.)

    Oh, and have him give us a shout-out on the air if possible. 😉 We’re listening.

  2. yanksfan123ny


    Funny you thought of the Jackie Robinson/Alex Rodriguez contrast. I was listening to players interviewed today say I can’t imagine what Robinson went through and my thought was nobody today could. Then I thought the person who could fractionally understand it the most in MLB today is probably A-Rod. Booed on the road, booed at home, opposing players making statements about him and always having someone watch his every move. In no way am I equating the severity of the vitriol these men encountered but it is an interesting contrast. Everyone knows what a strong man Jackie was and as much as people think Alex is fragile, I have to imagine he’s stronger than people give him credit for being.

    Sorry. Too deep for a blob, you never told us which Hersheys Miniature gets eaten quickest?


    Nice pre-game show. When they were comparing the new stadium with the original I thought of the monuments in center field.
    Derek Jeter said in his press conference how important the fans are, this stadium is really good to the fans.


    Brooklyn native–the New Stadium Rocks–rejuvenation is a plus–and you just gotta LOVE the New Kids on the block!!! Get ready for the “COMING OF THE YANKEES!! once again!! LONG LIVE THE HATERS!!! we need them.

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