Listen To The Man With Lots Of Gas

That headline should have gotten your attention…now I’m going to explain so you can “get wind” of what it means.  The guy who delivers the propane gas to our house came by today…he’s a big Yankees fan and we started talking about the 4-game losing streak, what’s going wrong, etc.  And he says, “I don’t like losing 4 in a row, but I don’t understand why everybody’s getting on ’em.  There’s too much pressure on this team to win every single night.  It’s like nobody’s having fun.”  No truer words have been spoken, nor truer gas delivered.  I mean, doesn’t it seem like some Yankees fans live and die 162 times a year, almost to a horrible, gut-wrenching extent?  That’s a rough way to live.  Now, listen, I’m like you…I want to see the Yankees win…so does the Gas Guy…but everybody has to breathe a little bit…air, not gas.  He noticed something I did from last night’s game…Top 9, right after Robbie Cano scored to make it 4-1…still 2 on, 0 out…Cano walks the length of the dugout talking and smiling, but when he notices the camera on him, the smile’s gone…almost as if his demeanor changed to say, “Sorry we’re still down by 3 and I’m enjoying the moment.”  Don’t they need more positive vibes like that?  Yeah, I know they get paid a lot of money to win, blah, blah, blah…but at the end of the day, they should still enjoy the game, enjoy a rally, enjoy a moment…and so should we…you, me, Gas Guy.

On a semi-related note, I’m eating black bean soup for dinner tonight….

Gotta Get Me Some of Those! 
I got home last night and was flipping around the tube when I came across an amazing commercial…for HD Vision Readers…they’re glasses that, I guess, magnify stuff a little bit but in amazing HD vision…all I know is, some really depressed looking people were trying them on, and the second they did….WOW!  Huge smiles come across their faces and, apparently, all the misery in their lives is gone!  BAM!  Instant happy.  Life should be that simple.

PS On The Black Bean Soup  I noticed that while I was heating up my soup, I was standing in front of the microwave looking at it like it was TV…what the ???…does anybody else do that?  I would turn around to watch the game in the YES kitchen, knowing there was still about a minute left, but I’d still turn back around to the microwave between pitches…Guess what, Bob?  Still 50 seconds to go!  40!  30!  20!  10!  5!  Soup’s on!   


  1. yanksfanintx

    I couldn’t agree more, Bob. This team just needs to relax and have fun.
    Maybe we need to order 25 pair of HD Vision Readers and have them waiting in the clubhouse on Thursday.

  2. karinct

    I did the opposite tonight, Bob. A few minutes before 6:00, I popped some sauce I had frozen in the microwave. (Ravioli tonight. . . from Arthur Ave! Yum!) I knew by the time left on the microwave, it wasn’t yet 6:00, but I kept running out to check the TV to see if the pre-game had started.

    (Lately, I find myself oddly intrigued by what you and Chris Shearn will wear on the show!)

    p.s. – I remember when watching the games was fun. Maybe we all need to order the HD Vision Readers.

  3. fran0322

    Bob, I agree with you about this team needing to have relax and have fun. But the newspapers and talk radio personalities make every loss seem like a major crisis and a lot of the fans just buy into it. It is a long season and people have to realize that teams loose games. Everyone just needs to calm down.

  4. dorgal218

    I had to respond! Not only do I sometimes catch myself “watching” the microwave, but don’t you think that microwave time is somehow slower than real time??!!!

    To more serious things, I feel badly for Cano in a way. He seems to be a naturally exuberant person, and instead of enjoying that about him, people have used it in the past to “prove” he doesn’t take the game seriously enough. So, now, he’s become aware of the camera, and we as fans may be cheated from seeing that side of him and it’s our own fault.


    I think you’re missing something here – when you WIN you have fun – when you lose it is not fun – very simple. Yankee fans want to win! What I feel is missing is not taking each at bat seriously – that means going up and THINKING about how they can hit to make something happen. I realize you are not going to get a homerun every time you bat but so many times all they needed was a fly ball – make contact. That is what the old, winning Yankees always did – they knew how to make things happen. Also what a lot of people are also missing is that the league has changed and there are other teams that are better than before – it is not just the Yankees and Red Sox and there is also no guarantee that there are going to be two teams from the East in the playoffs. So please don’t minimize things by saying they just have to have fun!

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