A Late Start to Blobbin

Wow, this game is flying and I’m just getting a chance to Blob!  I’ve been distracted by a lot of things tonight, including being partially consumed with the very strange sound coming from a floor below my office…it sounds like…well, like…a big guy with a bad case of gas.  It’s actually, I think, a jigsaw cutting something…but it’s a bit disconcerting every time someone walks in and the sound starts…I get a very sheepish look on my face and I have to say, “It’s ain’t me.”

Chatty Kimmy  I saw the live chat with Kim Jones went well!  A lot of questions, some very interesting and witty answers.  I really thought when she was asked who her favorite YES announcer is to work with, it was me WAY ahead of anybody else, but she did the whole diplomatic, “I love them all” thing.  It’s me, trust me.  I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of me writing that…and I’ll instantly slide down the list!

Call Me Jinxie  Another reason I’ve been away from my Blobbin’ computer is because I’ve been up on the set most of the night, monitoring the Matt Garza perfecto attempt vs. the Red Sox, so I can do updates.  First time I do a check from the Trop, I announce Garza has a no-no through 4 and Michael says, “Way to jinx him, Bob”.  I do another update after 6, the perfect game still intact…then top 7, Jacoby Ellsbury leads off with a weak grounder past Garza for an infield hit.  Perfect game, gone…no-hitter, gone…Michael gets on me for jinxing it…Flash piles on…Good stuff.  Bring it on, I can take it.

Picture This  Also tonight, I was testing the new digital camera I bought so I can take pics around here, as promised, and post them on the Blob.  I’ve been doing tests in the studio, seeing if I need the lights up or down (we don’t always keep the studio lights on), which parts of the studio can be seen easily…and then, at some point, I’m going to go ambush the guys and ladies in the control room, paparazzi-style, and fire off some shots!  I hope to post them soon.  Have a great night!


  1. yanks224

    Hey Bob! I want you to know that after you said something about the no-no going into the 7th, and John Flaherty and Michael Kay said, “Great, now you jinxed it again…” that Michael Kay said something to the effect of, “Well, the Rays are pitching a perfect game against the Red Sox….”

    I immediately thought now we’ll never know who jinxed it, now that they both said something! Well, MK has been known to jinx those kinds of things purely by mentioning it, just as Flaherty said in the 4th inning after you announced tonight’s game first.

    So, my theory is, that since he has done it in the past, and you said it earlier and didn’t jinx it then, that the jinx is NOT your fault, and it IS Michael Kay’s fault!

    Hope that helps you out…. You might want to point that out, and he can go back to the replay if he has to. It was after the 6th inning, because he said he jinxed “the last one going into the 7th, so we’ll see.”

    –Joyce in NJ
    Go Yankees!

  2. fran0322

    Bob, Michael has jinxed many potential Yankee no-hitters like AJ Burnett a few weeks ago. At least you jinx them for other teams!

  3. lara731@gmail.com

    some of these broadcasters kill me bob…so in every no hitter…it gets brought up in the game. Why aren’t those games jinxed?!?

  4. ldough14456@yahoo.com


    Michael Kay is the biggest jinx there is. Everytime I watch the games and he says something all I say is there is the Jinx. then knock on wood.

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