Do You Love The Socks?

NOOOOOOOO, not THOSE sox!….The socks that David Cone wore to the studio tonight!

ConeyStripeSocks 002.jpgConeyStripeSocks 004.jpg

Coney’s 3-year-old son picked ’em out for him to wear….he LOVES ’em!  So David loves ’em, too, and proudly wore them in…I think he’s making a bold fashion statement…And what do Mr. Blackwell and Cojo say?….WHO CARES!  They’re awesome.

Meanwhile, from the “I Can’t Believe It But It’s True” Department…I was just told that Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny, while with the Dodgers, dated actress Eliza Dushku for a couple years…
yeah, THIS Eliza Dushku…




    I love Coney’s socks. Even though the colors are a little different…they still remind me of the socks the wicked witch of the east wore.

  2. karinct

    I think the real question is, “What is it about baseball players that started this Hollywood trend to date them?”!!?
    I’m just jealous. . . I want to sit in those really good seats!! 🙂

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