Back from Break

Welcome back!  Really weird having that extra day off, wasn’t it?  Just kind of threw me out of whack, but then along comes an 8th inning rain delay…our 75th of the season, I think???… and all seems right with the world…not really.  Love the rain only because it keeps my water bill down from less sprinkler usage.

Here’s my All-Star Break version of “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”…spanned the entire Tri-State area and beyond, logging a lot o’ miles in the Vista Cruiser…among the excitement, welcoming an exchange student from France for 2 weeks, as she spends time with our daughter and sees NYC for the first time…chauffering them around…sightseeing…beach…major rollercoaster riding at Six Flags…eating fried dough covered in powdered sugar…nearly giving it right back after riding the biggest coaster in the park…more driving…trip to JFK to pick up our son, who decided to make a cameo appearance at Casa Lorenz this summer…watching backlogged episodes of Eureka and Psych on the DVR with him, plus he turned me on to Arrested Development and now I’m hooked!  So, we’ll probably blow out the rest of the existing episodes over the next few days…this “work” thing is really getting in the way of that!  We’re watching those on Hulu…and he’s just informed me that there are new episodes of Psych on Hulu as well…my eyeballs are gonna be hurtin’.  I might end up looking at the wrong camera in studio I’ll be so bleary!

Also made the trek to Montclair, NJ, Thursday to play in Yogi Berra’s annual charity golf tournament.  I wish everybody could meet Yogi.  He’s one of the greatest, most humble men I know…and very giving of his time, obviously.  I had a great time moving chunks of real estate around that day…our team actually played well, finishing the scramble at 9-under…big thanks to Seafood Bobby, Joe, Peter and Ray for keeping me entertained and out of trouble (mostly).  Awesome guys.

Then it was back to work today…in early to tape the latest edition of Forbes Sportsmoney, Presented by Fox Business Network (gotta pay some bills)…with Michael Ozanian, who’s a great, high-energy guy…definitely has a passion the biz side of sports and brings it to the table every time.  Then pregame, game..rain delay…

Oh wait…10:47pm…I’m told we’ll be resuming play soon!  Enjoy the rest of the game!


  1. captain2

    Hey Bob, Great job as always but I have to point something out:
    After Tex’s HR, Kenny said — twice — that it was his first homer since June 12. And then YOU just said the same thing in the game recap. But it’s not true. He hit one last Friday night, breaking the longest homerless streak of his career. It was 93 or 94 ABs I think.
    Check it out, please.
    Oh hey, they’re playing again. Gotta go!
    Andy Collins
    Canastota, NY

  2. max24

    did you go on kingda ka, bob? i wanted to, but when i went to six flags, it was closed for repairs. if you did how did you like it?

    also, do you get stopped by fans when youre out in public? does it ever get annoying or is it still cool to be recognized?

  3. fran0322

    Bob, sounds like you had a busy, but fun vacation. It must have felt like you never left since the second half of the season started out the way the first half always seemed – a Yankees come from behind victory and a rain delay!


    I love Six Flags. Kingda Ka and El Toro are my favorite rides. I was terrified of big drops until I forced myself on those rides.

  5. theduchess

    Hulu is great. YES should put Yankeeographies and CenterStage episodes on there.

    I don’t know if this is the right place to comment on this, but in case the “internet guru” reads this comment – wanted to say I love the new video interface on

  6. Andrew

    Watch out, it’s impossible to stop watching Arrested Development after starting. I’ve blown though the 50-something episodes at least 6 times a year, and I still haven’t heard all the jokes and allusions (or illusions as GOB would like to wrongly say) that are thrown in there.

    Speaking of TV, Paul O’Neill on Seinfeld had to be the greatest thing ever. I just wonder if the other Mets announcers bother Keith Hernandez as much about his appearance as Michael Kay does with O’Neill promising the home run to the kid.

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