Bob and John Flaherty chat

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Enjoyed the chat, Bob and Flash. Thank you!

Enjoyed the chat. Thanks Bob and Flash!

I wish George was still active, What is going on with Girardi he single handily gave two games away, last nights game was unbelievable, The Yanks score 6 in the 7th. , Burnett waits 25 minutes, has a bullpen filled with million dollar arms and he sends out Burnett, unbelievable..If he went with the plan Joba would of been out there in the bottom of the seventh and let the chips fall, but he show no confidence in Joba and sends Burnett out,with his golden arms watching ,does he know this is the ALCS , Forget about clueless Joe we are seeing gutless Joe , Where are You George !

Hi Guys,
I think even if We win it all Girardi has to go,if You can’t manage with Your baseball knowledge, u dont deserve to B managing the Yankees>
I love to bring back the old school magers,the ones that manage with their guts not stupids scout reports.
Girardi should manage The Pirates,Brewers, one of those teams with Low expectations.

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