New City, New Series…Its Grrrrrrreat!

9:15pm Body Double Alert  I do this from time to time…while I was waiting to do the 7th inning cut-in, they showed Curtis Granderson talking to first base coach Andy Van Slyke…or was that Glenn Frey of the Eagles?!  I never really noticed the resemblance when AVS was playing, but now that he’s a few years older and grizzlier…

Man, string some hits together…Top 8, 2 on, 0 out…when the Yankees get CONSISTENT production, they go boom, boom, boom…(little Black Eyed Peas reference there)…and they score…but Damon liner, Tex deep but not deep enough and Godzilla K’s…it’s like when you drive on the interstate and every time you change lanes to speed up, a car moves into your lane in front of you and slows you down…very frustrating…but I think it’s also a sign that this team is on the verge of breaking out….One or two big hits…boom, boom, boom!
When the Night Began  A little Tony the Tiger reference for ya there…enjoy.  When I was a kid, I actually auditioned for a Frosted Flakes commercial and had to say that very line…”It’s Grrrrrrreeeeeaaaat!”  Didn’t get the job and, to my recollection, never went on another audition.  Bet my parents were glad they spent all that $$$ on headshots.

It is a new city, new series…a chance for the Yankees to purge themselves of the demons from this past weekend in Boston.  Saw a quote from hitting coach Kevin Long that basically said, We had a chance to win 2 of 3 in the series, and we didn’t.  It’s true.  They put themselves in position to win but didn’t close the deal.  They can score a ton of runs, but can struggle with RISP.  They have some really good arms, but sometimes get lit up.  But through it all, they are 9-9 and treading water early as opposed to sinking.  That’s not an excuse for not having a better record, but it sure beats 6-12.

Yes, I Am On The Cutting Edge of Fashion  First thing when I get home tonight, I’m throwing my digital camera into my bag…full disclosure…if you saw the 3rd segment of the pregame tonight, I was standing in front of the desk and and huge projection screen on our set…suit, shirt, tie, shiny black shoes.  But WHAT YOU DIDN’T SEE was the ankle-high white athletic socks I was wearing WITH the suit!  Very GQ…if GQ stands for GrotesQue.  I made quite a fashion statement…that statement was basically, “Hi, I’m a dork with a nice suit and white footie socks on.  Try not to be impressed.”  Here’s the deal…I keep all my suits, shirts, ties, etc. at work…so, for example, when I came in to work tonight, I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and old school Puma Basket sneaks with ankle-high white socks.  Not a dress sock to be found in my office anywhere!  I was hoping a couple of the socks I always seem to lose in the wash somehow magically appeared here at work…like, clinging stowaway-fashion to the back of my freshly laundered t-shirt.  No such luck.  That’s why, next time it happens, I’ll have the camera for the video evidence and I will post it on The Blob.

Thar She Blows  Always a delight to talk to Kim Jones just prior to our in-show chat during the first segment of the show, especially when the wind is blowing fiercely at whichever ballpark she’s at…which in tonight’s case, is Comerica Park in Detroit…we’re chatting, the wind’s whipping, she’s trying to keep it under control, at which point I always sing a few lines from Here I Go Again by Whitesnake.  That’s right, the same song (if you ever saw the video) where Tawny Kitaen is rolling around a car with the wind fiercely blowing her hair all over.  It takes me back to that magical time of yesteryear when MTV actually showed music videos.  Guess I’ll get back to the video now…not Tawny, the game…Blob ya later…




    Love the blob. Between you and Kim Jones I can get fashion tips and dinner ideas. What else do I need?

    Now if you can help me figure out a way for me to get my fiance to watch the games quietly with me then I will be set!

    Keep up the good work.



    Love the blob. Between you and Kim Jones I can get fashion tips and dinner ideas. What else do I need?

    Now if you can help me figure out a way for me to get my fiancee to watch the games quietly with me then I will be set!

    Keep up the good work.

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