Brief Halo Holiday

Great win last night…it’s an incredibly different feeling right now, isn’t it, when the Yankees get guys on base?  You get the feeling something’s going to happen, break loose, unlike just a week or so ago when they were struggling with RISP…And Jorge’s right…they are putting together some good, long AB’s…making the opposing pitcher work…Tex is part of that…now, let’s (and I think he’d agree) he starts adding some hit totals to the walk totals…if that happens, that O is gonna be even scarier for opponents.

The Blob is taking the weekend off…gotta get mentally prepared for Flash in studio for the Red Sox series starting Monday…haha…at that time, I’ll break out the new digi camera and try to catch the former catcher off-guard…if I can get a picture of him eating and post it to The Blob, I might actually beat Kim Jones to the punch on something when it comes to blogging!

Enjoy the games Saturday and Sunday…….only on YES!  (You should be hearing that promo in your sleep by now, along with the theme music to the Yankees Pre & Post Games!)


  1. nyy80401

    The real measure of this gradual upswing will be mid-May – have they kept up with the good AB’s and solid pitching…Agree with you though Bob – great win last night.

  2. karinct

    It was a Great Win last night! And that incredibly different feeling was an old familiar one. . where no matter the inning or the score, you felt like the Yanks had a chance to win. God, I missed that!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy the weekend off, Bob. Look forward to the pics and John in the studio next week.


    I think I do hear that commercial in my sleep. My brother and I always break down how the player says it and we guess who it’s gonna be on the new commercials. Fun times, but you gotta do something with it since it’s on 2000000000000 per season.


    I hear the WB Mason commercials in my sleep. And I officially want a Sponge Tech.

  5. theduchess

    … yeah, Nancy Newman is awful. I want Bob back. Her diction is terrible. She talks through her teeth.

  6. bakekrukow


  7. staceynyy

    BOB! Pete Abraham finally mentioned you on his blog!
    I’m tellin’ you, now the Blob is famous… more hits than ever before, I bet. I knew you were eventually gonna get some recognition.

  8. hamburger_helper

    Great ABs for the offense and first-pitch strikes for the pitchers. Can’t beat that formula.

    Here’s hoping the game is played tonight. I always like when the nationally televised games have a YES alternative (as opposed to Saturday afternoon and Sunday night).

    Keep up the blobbing!


    Oh. My. God. FUNNIEST BLOG (or should I say, BLOB) EVER! I swear, I am laughing out loud at work and my coworkers are looking at my like I’ve lost it (which, I have to add, does happen every now and then). THANK YOU! I finally have some informative and entertaining reads about my favorite team (your blog, Kim Jones’, and Pete Abraham’s) to get me through the workday.
    -Courtney (Westchester,NY)

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