Rain Brain Drain

Flash is here in studio…I’m all fired up for 4 days of working together, talkin’ baseball…AND THERE’S NO BASEBALL TO TALK ABOUT!  The weather forecast for the next week is absolutely ridiculous…I keep checking weather.com every 15 minutes or so, hoping magically something will change, but we look like we’re all in for it, don’t we?  Brutal.

I’m working on uploading pictures to The Blob.  If I did so right now, I’d upload the picture of Flash sitting on my couch…reclining, really…well, almost laying down…as we wait out the rain and watch Yankees on Deck.  I guess he’s really worn out by the healthy lean chicken salad dinner he ate!  C’mon, Man!  He’s going through one of his “I’m really watching what I’m eating” phases right now…(Meanwhile, we had rain-delayed Chinese food catered, so I threw down fried rice, broccoli, and several things that looked like chicken)….Flash’s goal is to get trim…no, ripped, he says.  I guess the guys who compete in Mr. America better watch out (if they still have that competition).  I think Flash is concerned because his body fat went up 1%…Wow.  Mine went up 5% in the last 20 minutes!  He is showing great restraint, I might add, walking back and forth past the candy on my office coffee table.  I’m impressed.  But I did ask him, because Blobbers need to know, which candy he WOULD eat if he were so inclined…and it’s the plain chocolate Hershey’s miniature that would have his fingerprints all over it.

KJ Can Hit the Curveball  Top of the show tonight, I asked Flash a couple questions, then tossed it out to Kim Jones at the stadium for her nightly report…First question was SUPPOSED to be about A-Rod, but I went with weather instead.  Unflustered, KJ does the latest weather report.  Meanwhile, I kick myself with a steel-toed boot.  Luckily, I finished just before Kim tossed back to me.  And how about Flash flashing his anchorman abilities?!  He transitions from talking about Phil Hughes to throwing it right back to KJ for her thoughts… there’s a Ron Burgundy in there just waiting to come out.

Hey, I’m a Weatherman!  Hope you got to see the weather update at 8:00pm.  I got to stand in front of the huge video wall on set and reference the latest weather radar, blown up on the screen behind me.  I haven’t done the weather since I went on the interview for my first TV job out of college…it was in Eureka, CA…the news director was Bruce Lang…and after I’d done a couple sports reads on camera as an audition, he told me to go stand in front of the weather board and vamp a fake weather forecast for about a minute and a half.  Just spur of the moment, think on your feet, ad-lib and don’t say something stupid…I just goofed around, made a reference to it being so cold that Nanook wouldn’t want to be in Eureka at that time, as I recall…and I guess it all worked out…I got the job…never to do weather again!  Ah, good times…good times.


Lol, good stuff.. I may like your blog better than Kim Jones [shhhh, don’t tell] =)
– V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

Maybe Flash’s “ripped” abs should be the first picture on your blob? 🙂

Nice job with the weather map! Thinking you should work it in to every pre-game. You have mad skills! Not everyone can point to the direction the green stuff is moving.

Loved the weather report. I thought the disclaimer about not being a weatherman was kinda funny.

Bob, you might not be a weatherman (per your disclaimer), but you certainly got the forecast right.

Hey, great job on the weather report haha!

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