Morning Breath

8:15pm  Ladies and Gentlemen, you are awesome!  Nearly all the comments I read knew that Dexy’s Midnight Runners sang Come on Eileen!….and guess who else knew?  That’s right…right after I Blobbed the question, Flash waltzed into my office and I asked him…he sat down in his customary spot on the long couch to my left (yes, the cushions have molded to him already)  and he said, without hesitation I might add, “Dexy’s Midnight Runners”.  I asked how he knew that right away, and he said it was one of his favorite MTV videos back in the day…runnin’ around in their denim overalls.  Who knew?!

BTW, Flash went with a sliced chicken, tomato and mozzarella salad tonight, drizzled lightly with olive oil…remember, he’s working on his beach body…I bet we see him down at Venice Beach in CA this summer, throwin’ iron around and bodysurfing.  But he tells me he might break down and have a few pieces of chocolate.

OK, that headline sounds more disgusting than it really is…but let’s be honest, we’ve all been victim of morning breath…or victimized by it. And who could blame any of us who stayed up for the game last night, and then the postgame (Flash and I kinda HAD TO), if we were functioning at a little less than 100 percent, right?  Now, I’m a night owl anyway, but my sleep pattern was disrupted enough that I fell asleep around 3 a.m., then woke up again at 4:45 a.m….drifted off into some psychotic-filled dream state…then got out of bed at 7:05 a.m. to make sure my daughter got the donuts I bought her at 2:15 a.m. … A double chocolate donut and a strawberry iced donut…Breakfast of Champions in the Lorenz household…washed down with a Sunny D and, to stay in the peak of shape, a multi-vitamin. I make sure the kids eat right! It’s all about balance.

Awesome Tune-age!  Now, I would never go for the “woe is Bob” approach to working late, especially since a few of you Blobbers out there, I’m sure, tore it up ’til WAY past my 3:00 a.m. crash…but, driving home at 2:15 a.m., one could conceivably get drowsy. Not me, however…not last night (this morning).  Two reasons…first, while flipping around the radio dial…I came across a little ditty some of you 1980s aficionados know as “Come On Eileen.” (Bonus points for naming the band who sings it!…I’m gonna check your comments for the answer…and don’t Google it!) 

Now, seriously, is there anybody alive when that song comes on that DOESN’T sing along to at least parts of it?  “Come on, Eileen Taloora Aye…come on…” You know the rest because you’re singing it right now!  And then, as I’m about 2/3 of the way home, comes another song to keep me buoyed…and I turn it up a little louder…a classic rock station…yes, it’s him…Joe Cocker, croaking out “I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends”…Beautiful…I can picture the bodily contortions, eyes bulging, as he belches out the chorus line…and then the best part…near the end…when he wails or howls like he just slammed his fingers in a door…song over…I’m pulling into the driveway…Thank you, Joe…and Thank You Band That Will Be Named By One of the Blobbers tonight….

I’ll check in later (I’m gonna see if Flash has any CLUE who sang that song!)


That would be Dexy’s Midnight Runner

I went to the game but left after the 4th and was fast asleep by 2 AM. I missed watching the Yankees score but it was a Monday. Another great 80s song is Manic Monday.

Bob, I think you may have to do some more weather reports this week. It’s raining again!

Seriously, is there anybody alive that knows ALL the lyrics to Come on Eileen?? And now it is stuck in my head . .sans lyrics!!

frobo is right. Dexy’s Midnight Runner. (I didn’t want to be the first to answer because then I would have to admit that I had the 45! And that I am old enough to know what a 45 is.)

Get well soon Jorge!! 😦

look im 18 years old….CAN I BE THE YANKEES SKIPPER!!!!…I’ll make sure the yankees play With heart..dey playin like dey dont want it a ring……Joe Girardi is the wrong skipper…we need a Coach like BILLY MARTIN and im serious man..we lookin like BUMB’S…im A tru yankees fan and right now i no the yankees are not make it no were near the world series by the way dey playin at the moment….we need to stop changein the line up so much and sit down the people dat are not playin good…And take out Brian Cashman..He Is not worth havein no more…MR Steinbrenner…DO THE RIGHT DECISION…WE NEED TO MAKE DIZ TEAM LIKE 1998 Yankees…..HOPE THE YES NETWORK READS DIZ AND GIVE TO MR Steinbrenner….!!!CAN I BE A COACH FOR ONE DAY!!!

when are we going to ask for gerardis head?

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