Gone…In a Flash!

It’s been 4 days of wisdom, insight, good times…and piles of plain M&M’s destroyed by one John Flaherty.  His week in studio began Monday…he came in with a dietary vengeance… in laser-like focus…salads, lean chicken, fresh vegetables…all to get lean, mean and physically obscene with summer approaching…

And now, 4 days later…well, he has M&M’s coming out of his ears…and I feel dirty.  Though I put chocolates, candies, etc. on the coffee table in my office for the good of all mankind that walk through these doors…what I saw was the steel resolve of a good man melted down by small, happy, colorful chocolates that melt in your mouth, not in your hand.  I should apologize to him on this, his final night in studio before his imminent return in July, and I will…as soon as he gets all those M&M’s out of his ears so he can hear the apology.  But right now, they’re spilling all over the floor in my office!

Balancing Act  Doing my due diligence, I occasionally scan the message board at yesnetwork.com and other Yankees websites to check the pulse of the tremendous Pinstriped fandom…Let me share the following message from last night with you, because I was trying to find a silver lining from last night’s loss to the Rays on the Postgame:

“Tex came up with that big double in the 8th”


Gotta love the spin by the YES network.

That at bat in the 10th by tex epitomizes everything that is wrong with this teams approach at the plate.

I have no problem with that.  I encourage ALL to write what they feel…as I always say, it’s America!  And I love it…freedom of speech.  But I have to say this…If we do an entire postgame show that does nothing but dump on the Yankees, no one’s gonna watch.  I feel it’s my job in the driver’s seat to talk about the bad that caused the loss…no doubt…but also to see if there’s anything good that might give Yankees fans hope.  I have to find a balance.  Again, bottom line, 45 minutes to an hour of mind-battering negativity is not good television…  and viewers would rather watch a Snuggie commercial 100 times in a row….or the ShamWow commercial…or even the bearded guy who yells at all of us (can’t remember his name right now….wait, Billy Mays, I think).

Oh, PS…I strongly prefer to be called DingFob, Wingnut or Knucklehead…to Moron.  But that’s just me!

PSS  Flaherty just claimed that as soon as he walks out of my office tonight and gets back to his routine, he’ll shed 7 pounds in a Flash (pun intended)…I’m not so sure…I hear the beep, beep, beep of the forklift coming down the hallway, with another pallet-full of M&M’s. 


Mo blew it.

You should watch the post game show. Mo is not 100%. To quote John Flaherty, “I’d still take Mo at 80%.”

My only complaint about the Post Game form Wednesday night was not mentioning the lack of breaks the Yankees seem to be getting, especially from the men in blue .

Bottom nine on Weds., pena hits a dribbler that Longoria fields but loses Pena by a clear step. Dale Scott, not one of the best umpires in MLB, calls Pena out. Instead of bases laoded, one out, Molina flies out for what should ahve been the game ending sac fly. But no, an umpire’s call, again, costs the Yankees. You guys never talk about that. That being said, the team still has to overcome those types of bad breaks. They should be hitting with runners on base and 2 out. Pitchers have to make their pitches and the defense has to be solid. But to be fair, you have to mention what teh Yanks have no contriol over as well contributing for this current debacle.

Gareth in CT

YES needs to have a Flash Counter on the screen whenever Flaherty does a game, for when anyone says Flash. Especially David Cone.

Did flaherty offer to buy you more candy to replace what he gorged?

You rock, Lorenz! I’ve been reading Kim’s blog lately as well, looks like you could use some fan attention here! I throughly enjoy all of the YES team, you, Kim, Flash, Coney, Pauley, and Michael Kay! 🙂

Why does Michael Kay have to say over and over again, “This is Michael Kay and this is the YES network and I’m sitting her with David Cone, John Flattery or whoever” Once is enough – he makes enough mistakes without the world knowing who he is and what channel I’m watching.

vtechhawk you forgot about KENNY!!!! i love kenny! he’s my favorite…. apart from you Bob… he is one smooth, sophisticated gentleman.

I totally sympathize with Flash! I absolutely cannot have M&Ms in my house – at all. Though every now and again I just can’t resist. Plain and Peanut. Doesn’t matter. I can resist almost any other packaged candy. Not M&Ms. You just take a handful and shove ’em in. Or, you can make them last by eating one at a time, waiting for the candy coating to melt in your mouth then savoring the milk chocolate inside.

In college, they were my drug of choice! I kid you not. 🙂

hey, can we resign Flash to catch? i think he is a better option than the .190 BA we got coming up from our “farm” system.

Mo may not be 100%. He still blew it.

Big double Tex. Got to get the guy in from third.

Sorry Toddsgirl, you’re right, I knew I missed someone! Kenny is awesome too 🙂

And to pfranco–I believe he says that a few times for those viewers that just join the game. Not everyone can watch the entire game thru! You’ll notice sometimes he adds “for those just joining us…” etc.

Bob – You have such a great sense of humor and a great writing style. I can’t wait for Flash to leave the studio. The only problem with that is then he’ll be in the booth. Give me Kenny and Michael, Paulie and Michael, or, my most favorite, Al and Michael. Just say no to Flash.

I don’t agree nyy! (Not about Bob or the Blob – both are great!) I think John Flaherty is a nice addition to the studio and booth. Maybe more serious than others, but I like his insight.

I do agree about Al Leiter. He is intelligent, articulate. . .funny. Brings recent real life experiences to the discussion. And let’s face it. He is not hard on the eyes! 🙂

Bob? Al Leiter week? 🙂

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