Techno Whiz

This is a test of the non-emergency Blobcast system…

Not much Blobbin’ tonight because I’m trying, for the first time, to
take pictures in and around the studio, and then post them to the
Blob…it’s not like it’s rocket science but I have a few things to
work out….like not uploading a GIGANTIC-sized picture that eats up
hard drive space, which is what I did during my first upload test…then, the 2nd time, I re-sized the picture and it was still humongous!  Here’s hoping the third time’s the charm….

FirstBlob 003.jpgFirstBlob 004.jpg

Third time IS the charm!  Pic on the left is what I see when I look at you!  And as you can see, your view of
the set is far better than mine of the studio!

And the pic on the right is a shot of the small TV that’s mounted inside the desktop…you can’t see it but I can!  It’s under the dark plexiglass on the desktop right in front of me.

And now, a final test as I go up in pixel size from 200 to 500…stand by…

FirstBlob 014.jpg

It worked!  That’s a far bigger picture and a beautiful one at that…Pre & Post game producer Bill Boland pointing at a monitor in front of him, no doubt, saying “Wow, isn’t that a great guy to work with?!”  OR “Look at the size of Lorenz’s head tonight!  That’s a gigantic melon!” 

By the way, the best part of the picture is the wonderful Boland family on the screensaver…as you can see, Bill hit the family lotto…the lovely Christa…and their 2 daughters are like happy rays of sunshine.  As for Bill…umm…I like his shirt.  I know he’s gonna read this, so I couldn’t resist!

That’s my test for tonight…let me know what you think…pics bigger or smaller or just right.
And for all of you out there to whom this applies….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


  1. max24

    Bob! I love the pictures; its cool to see a different view of the studio. the bigger is better, but i just clicked on the smaller ones and got to see them larger. maybe you could take pictures of the people who make the pre and post game happen since we all appreciate it so much.
    thanks again, keep on blobbin!!

  2. jeterfan023

    Bob, this is awesome 🙂 I love being able to see the studio from your point of view!

    You should tell Bill to get a real computer…aka an HP, not a Dell! lol 🙂 Can you guys light some sort of spark to help the Yanks out? It’s been so disappointing to watch lately. Maybe Flash can go catch for us? lol, keep up the awesome blobbing!! You guys are awesome!

  3. yankeewave

    The pictures are perfect, thanks for sharing them.
    Love your blob, keep up the great work (and humor, LOL)!

  4. karinct

    Bob, this is really impressive! You got a picture of Tex on base!! (Giambi hit 2 HR yesterday. . I’m just saying.)

    Love the behind the scenes view and stories. Size of the pics are fine. Keep them coming!!

  5. fran0322

    Bob, thanks for the pictures. Hope we get to see some more behind the scenes shots. Keep up the great work on the blog and the pre and post game shows.


    I agree with you Bob, our view of the YES set is way better. I thought the studio was much bigger!

  7. aj1962f

    Thanks for posting the pictures, Bob. Behind-the-scenes stuff is almost always interesting. As for the photo size, the bigger one looks better because you can see more detail (I do digital-photo editing as part of my job).

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