Is that HGTV calling?

Hello again…after a few days off…fresh on the heels of my TechnoWizardry this past Saturday in uploading studio pics to the Blob, I spent Sunday and Monday making some home improvements at Casa Blob…specifically, upgrading the master bath.  On Sunday, it was painting, removing old medicine cabinets, installing larger mirrors, then new towel holders.  On Monday, Bob the Plumber showed up (yeah, THIS Bob) and installed new faucets.

I mention this because it’s proof that ANYBODY can do it…see, my brother Tom got all the “do it yourself, home improvement, build a world class entertainment center out of popsicle sticks and glue” genes…I got the “My, you can almost color within the lines, but not really” genes.  Anyway, I think now I’m ready for my own home improvement show…I’ll start a project and then, if I can’t finish it or figure out what to do next, I’ll just call my bro and have him do it.  Then, I’ll be a “project manager”…”Odd Job, Call Bob”…or Blob.  I’ll walk around wearing jeans, a checked flannel shirt and a ridiculously overloaded tool belt, like I LOOK like I know what I’m doing…and I’ll have crazy ideas for homeowners, like instead of putting in a new kitchen faucet, I’ll tell them to install a garden hose, “bringing outdoor chic inside”!…Or tell them to spray paint an entire room, including all its contents, black…”Timeless, elegant, classic”.  Geez, I gotta lay off the latenight DIY-type shows.  Where’s a good episode of Charles in Charge or Facts of Life when you need one?

Alright, enough of that…I’m gonna go take some more pics during the 4th inning cutin and post them to the Blob…as I write this, Tex just ripped his 2nd hit of the night…keep hammerin’, Big Fella.

  I should mention that, also during the past couple days, I re-stocked the chocolate for my office…added a new wrinkle to the Hershey’s Miniatures…they make the same ones (Krackel, Mr. Goodbar) in dark chocolate now…so those found their way into a bowl…also, the mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups go in the blink of an eye…and the white chocolate have become more of a fan favorite than the regular.  Did I Blob about that before?  Not sure, he says, in a chocolate-induced haze…

Pics as Promised  OK, here ya go…first picture is me watching the bottom of the 4th, waiting to do the Dunkin’ Donuts update between the 4th & 5th innings…I have a great seat… in front of a 12-foot video wall.

2nd Blob 001.jpgI took this next picture right after I got done doing the update…Web Wunderkind Joe Auriemma (seated on left) and writer/web sensation Glenn Giangrande (standing on right) prepare to tape Pinstripe Weekly, their exclusive web segment on  In the middle is Jimmy on audio, either hooking up Glenn’s mike and earpiece, or about to wrap an audio cable around Glenn’s neck.  Given the fact that I just saw Glenn in the hallway, I guess Jimmy didn’t do it…but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t thinking it.  Huh?  Wait, not with Glenn…GG’s good people.

2nd Blob 005.jpg

Oh, and I should add, great suggestion by nyyanks2548 re: adding peanut butter Hershey’s kisses…great taste, BUT…and it’s a big but..(please tell me you got that?)…I am quite sure that I would have several thousand little bits of foil scattered all over the floor in my office.  That takes it off the list o’ possible goodies.

Questions of the Night  Answers to a few of your questions…I am not lonely, even if I look like it, because I have Chris, Paul, George, Terry and Quags with me in the studio.  I will introduce you to them in upcoming Blobs…either Chris or Paul, and occasionally Terry, operate the manual scoreboard…and now that I know the “umpires” behind the plate in Toronto have been other places, they just seem like attention seekers, no?  I mean, if they’ve already been on SportsCenter, can you imagine how rabid they are for more attention?  Why, it’s like giving a kid all the candy in my office!!!…Or how about the people in stadiums who always know when the camera comes on (like on a closeup of a batter and they’re behind them in the stands) and they’re on their cellphones and stand up, waving like idiots?!  I hope no Blobbers do that…if you do, sorry if I just dogged you, but that’s kinda lame, isn’t it?  Just one man’s opinion…



    There would be an explosion if I tried to fix anything.

    You should get some peanut butter Hershey’s Kisses to add to the mix. I ate far too many of them today. I couldn’t stop.


    Firstly let me say that I love the Blob! ANd I think you should bring more of your funny on the air.
    And secondly…. the two guys sitting behind home plate dressed as umps; well this isnt the first time they’ve done this. They showed up at a game last week some time…. (had I known that it wouldn’t be the only time they were going to do that I would have payed more attention to what game they were at.) SportsCenter actually devoted a piece to those two fellas….wonder where they’ll show up next. I still havent decided if they are annoying or funny. I wonder what the guys on the field think of them.


    It’s totally lame!!! and I mean… they can’t honestly get away with this at another game…. it’s almost like they are mocking the game.


    I didn’t even think of the mess they’d make. You are very right. Good thinking on your part.

    Love the pics by the way

  5. karinct

    What about those poor fans behind the “ump wannabe’s”? How psyched would you be to have seats in the second row and then have to deal with that all game??

    Bob – Seriously. . What is the difference between little bits of foil and little candy wrappers? I would argue they are easier to vacuum up! 🙂
    Great job as always!


    Go for the peanut butter M&M’s. Delicious (and no wrappers to deal with!)

    Yay – Yanks won a good game last night!

    – Courtney

  7. shiney42

    Hey Bob-
    Got to say I really enjoy your blog, it’s not like the rest here on Yes. I do agree with Kim you are funny

    Well enjoy the game see ya later


    Bob the people waving on their cell phones are definitely lame. Those “umpires” have gotten so much attention. They were on SportsCenter, MLB Tonight, Deadspin and a bunch of other blogs, not to mention on YES. It was funny during the game until everyone else picked up on it and gave them all the attention.

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