All Quiet on the Studio Front

It really is a quiet night tonight…maybe because it’s the end of a
series…a Thursday…an increasingly gray and dreary evening…who
knows?  I taped a couple segments for our pregame shows tonight and
Saturday with Forbes National Editor Michael Ozanian, my co-host on
Forbes SportsMoney…It’s amazing how much the dynamic of pro team
ownership has changed with the recession…folks with tons of dough
used to snap up teams just for the ego and cache of it… now, they
really have to look at it very differently…can it be profitable
instead of just a shiny toy that loses money…you’ll a bit more on
that as it relates to the Miami Dolphins on Saturday’s pregame show.

Johnny On The Spot  Since Johnny’s rakin’ right now (and because
it’s a quiet night), I want to share a story about him from spring
training a couple years ago, to illustrate what a great guy he is…A
buddy of mine, Tim, lives in Orlando, and his 2 girls attend the same
high school as Johnny did, Dr. Phillips.  Tim was with me when we
walked up to Johnny and I said, “Hey Johnny, I’ve got a Dr. Phillips
guy here that wants to meet you.”  He and Tim carried on a conversation
for about 10 minutes about how they love the school, the Orlando area,
etc…just 2 regular guys chatting…no pretense at all.  At the end of
the conversation, Johnny says, “Well, I’ve got to go, but Tim, please
tell your daughters that I said Hello and to have a great school
year.”  Now, Johnny’s certainly never met Tim’s girls, but he was
thoughtful enough to extend his greetings and wishes for success that
year.  It’s a small thing but I think it says so much about how down to
Earth and thoughtful Johnny is.  He exemplifies that to a much greater
extent in his work with the Wounded Warrior Project.

And Because It’s a Quiet Night…  How about another couple pictures
from behind the scenes?  These are shots I took a few nights ago from
the control room…how’d you like to have all those TV monitors to look
at?!  Either awesome or dizzying!
FirstBlob 009.jpg 
FirstBlob 012.jpg


  1. max24

    thanks for the pictures, bob; i really like seeing all this behind the scenes stuff. between you and kim jones its like we all work at YES!

    nice story on Johnny. I went to the game on april 19 and sat in the second tier above left field. I noticed immediately what a nice guy he was. he signed whenever he could and gave away whatever he could. Even during the game when kids would call his name for a picture, he would turn around and pose for them. he is the nicest ball player i have ever seen by far.

  2. yankeewave

    Wow, awesome!
    But I’m confused. Is that one HUGE screen with many windows, or are there more than one screen?


    Hi Bob,

    Please communicate this to your YES colleagues.

    I am suffering from Bret Gardner overkill. I have seen more interviews with this marginal player in the last week than I have seen with Cabrera all year.

    Cabrera came into the Toronto series with a 124 OPS+ and an OBP over .400. Bret Gardner is not even a ML player, much less of ever, in his wildest dreams, of even touching numbers such as those.

    Melky is a full year YOUNGER than the Great White Hope – and is having a special year.

    The last straw came tonight when the YES cameras decided a live Cabrera at-bat might be a good time to show Gardner’s throw from YESTERDAY’S game from center field.

    WE GET IT.

    But Gardner doesn’t. Baseball, that is, on the major league level.

    So give us a break from Bret, and let’s hear more about the kid who is having a fantastic comeback year. If he can’t speak english, here’s a concept: GET A TRANSLATOR!

  4. aj1962f

    As we’ve begun to see, there’s room for both Gardner and Melky on this team. They each bring different things to the table and have both contributed.

    Age has nothing to do with someone making a team; it’s results–proven ability. In Gardner’s case, it’s his speed and base stealing. Even if he didn’t just hit a triple and an inside-the-park homer, he’s still valuable.

    As for Melky, he does speak English, but he’s not comfortable doing so on camera, when choosing the right word is critical. As one radio host said this morning, if he’s hitting .300, he could speak Vulcan for all I care.

  5. map9669


    Is there anyway YES can address the fact that the screens and wires are in most, if not all the views from home plate. The screen and wires end up being in most shots of the infield and outfield as well. Since I can’t be at THE STADIUM everyday, as I live in Southern California, I depend on seeing the games via the TV. The old Stadium didn’t have this problem. Why would the Yankees set up the home plate TV with these obstructions in the different camera views.

    HELP!!!! A major fan of the YES Network and the Yankees!

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