OK, so the weather in the Bronx isn’t perfect baseball weather, but maybe A.J. Burnett can channel his inner Boomer and get back on the winning track…doesn’t have to be perfect, just the A.J. of his first couple starts.

wells_blob_051709.jpgBy the way, I hope you got the chance to see our feature on the 11th anniversary of David Wells’ perfect game on the Tri-State Ford Pregame.  Big kudos to segment producer EJ Gentile and editor Joe Calo for putting it together…and web wunderkind Joe Auriemma for doing the interview of Boomer…great stuff that really captured the build-up of what turned out to be one of the great moments in modern Yankees history. And I’d forgotten that David Cone actually spoke to Wells late in the game (albeit briefly)…that took some guts!  That must have been a heckuva celebration that night with Coney and Boomer…as David said on the BP show…it was, what he and Wells remembered about it!

Out to Lunch  Once again, pregame producer Bill Boland comes up with a big hit in the clutch.  Between the 2nd and 3rd segments of the pregame today, I asked him what he was doing for lunch…usually, several people in the control room order out…Bill mentioned they were making a special trip to Panera, and the order was yet to be made…I heard him say the words “Sierra Turkey”, and I was in…I don’t even quite know what it is, but I get the feeling it’s gonna be just what the doctor ordered…I’ll let ya know…

DELIGHTFUL!  That’s me summing up in one word the deliciousness that is the Panera Sierra Turkey sandwich…But to get a bit more in-depth, here’s what Boles added when we were talking about it…”the chipotle mayo makes it great…maybe the onions add a bit to it…or the Asiago cheese bread…all of it together, really.”  The combination danced across my palate, almost whispering in a friendly tone…”Bite me”.  No wait, that’s not right.  Let’s just say Boles and I both enjoyed the Sierra Turkey quite a bit.


  1. karinct

    I missed the pre-game. 😦 Boomer has always been one of my favorites. Is there any chance you could put it on The Blob? It sounds like I missed a great one.

    I did watch the perfect game again last night on Yankee Classics. I found myself on the edge of my seat. . just like I did 11 years ago! (Yeah. . I know he gets it.) The tension, the excitement, David Cone in the dugout. . .it never gets old!! 🙂

  2. yankeexx

    Can you imagine Boomer on this team with the likes of Swisher and Damon. This team seems like they are “jellin”. Though I’d love to see another walkoff….a Yankee blowout would just fine too. Keep on blobbin!

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