Perspective, Thanks to Polly

I hope you got the chance to learn a little bit about Polly Tompkins today during either Kim’s pregame report or during the game…she’s the first-grade teacher from Candor, NY, who was the honorary bat girl for tonight’s game.  Polly thought she had beaten breast cancer two years ago, but it’s back…stage 4…which as many of you know is not good.  One of her fellow teachers, Kate Handy, wrote an essay about Polly and submitted it as part of a contest sponsored by MLB, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Louisville Slugger, offering a chance for a woman with a connection to breast cancer to be honorary bat girl for a home game.

Kate made a point of getting the Candor community involved…spread the word through Facebook…and Polly got enough votes to win the honor.  So tonight, she’s on the field pregame, hanging out with all the Yankees, SO thrilled to meet Derek Jeter…and, by the way, had the guts to ask him for his phone number…and telling Kim Jones that, through her illness, she’s seen how family and friends are so important to her, and how she’s been able to be a role model to others.

I like to share stories like this from time to time as a friendly reminder, similar to a Blob I posted a while back, that family, friends, relationships, lifting people up…that’s the important stuff in life.  All of us who are baseball fans should live, breath, smell, feel and enjoy the game with a passion…but we should not let it tear us up inside.  I am constantly amazed when I listen to sports radio and read posts on the internet about fans criticizing and agonizing over the smallest things…Polly’s story, just like the great Bobby Murcer’s story, should always remind us about the truly important elements to life…and that we should enjoy every second that we have on this Earth.



    Bob- Tremendous job by MLB and the Yankees for providing Polly with an incredible experience. The Yankees were great and I loved the interview that Kim did with her. This lady is a true inspiration to us all and I wish the best for her during such a difficult time in her life. May she stay strong and beat this horrific disease.

  2. theduchess

    BOB. My friend and I are watching you and Coney in the studio right now. PLEASE tell him that he’s still ridiculously attractive and we wanna beat the streets with him.

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