Coney…Hard at Work

2nd Blob 008.jpg

A picture right out of the gate on The Blob!  This is David Cone in studio, either A) preparing to be interviewed for an upcoming special feature on the 10th anniversary of his perfect game, or B) just sitting down in preparation to try out his new nightclub act on everyone here at YES.

If you said A…ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!…you are absolutely correct!  But we can always hope for B somewhere down the road.  All I can report is that, if you caught the Yanks-Twins telecast on YES Monday, Coney had one of THE classic lines ever.  Ken Singleton mentioned that he was up at 5:30am to catch the train to NYC for that night’s game.  Coney asked Kenny if he saw the sunrise.  Kenny said Yes.  To which Coney replied, “Me, too.  I was just getting in from a night out with Boomer.”  That’s great TV!

To expand on Kim Jones’ live chat that we gorged on PF Chang’s here in studio, she is correct…and sounds like jealous, as well…haha.  David had the ginger chicken with broccoli…wasn’t overly thrilled.  I had steamed veggie dumplings and kung pao chicken… give me anything that will cause my makeup to run, and I’m in, Baby!

Oh PS…to theduchess…your message has been received and transmitted.


  1. payankeechick

    Love your blog Bob! The pictures are great! I think the YES network has not only the most knowledgeable and “listen-able” commentators, but some pretty nice eye candy as well, as this picture would attest. Thanks for making ever pre-game, in-game, and post-game minute so enjoyable!

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