Rain…Good For Grass, Not for Baseball

11:10pm  I don’t know if it’s being in the TV biz or what, but sometimes I just notice weird little stuff about things I see or heart on TV that I’m not sure other people see or hear…but here’s one for ya…

Has anyone noticed during tonight’s telecast, when they take a shot of a lefthanded batter from the 3rd base dugout angle, the older gentleman in the tan coat who constantly is changing his ballcap?  In about the 6th inning, it was fluorescent orange with no logo…then, top of the 7th, it changed to an Indians cap, bright yellow with a red bill, I think, and pinstripes…I remember this guy from, I think it was last year, as well…and seeing the bright caps re-ignited my memory of him…Does he do it for attention?  Or so his family or grandkids can always see him on TV?

Now I’m sitting here waiting for the bottom of the 8th, to see if he’s changed his cap again… Have I become obsessed?  I don’t think so, but I’d love to know what his story is…I can’t imagine, for example, my dad doing anything like that…he wouldn’t even want to waste the time changing his cap…or he’d just say “Why the heck would I want to do something like that?!”…Standby…commercial over…Dang!  DeRosa’s righthanded…And so are the next 3 batters in their lineup!  Well, you can bet I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for that guy over the next 3 games…you do the same and let me know what you think the guy’s deal is…
The fine print of The Blob is “musings from the set”…well, no truer words could be written.  I’m actually sitting on the set right now, waiting out this rain delay in Cleveland…at least the grass is getting watered, though I’m sure it didn’t need it…rain delays for us in the studio are probably just as brutal as rain delays for you watching…except, if you wanna just bail and go get something to eat or drink or, even if you wanna just go bounce around on a pogo stick for 5 straight hours, you can do it.  Ironically, I was going to do exactly that a few minutes ago, but then I found out we had another update to do!  So we sit and wait, hoping to hear some news, hoping that the horrible looking rain cell that we see on our radar is indeed going to sweep across the ballpark and not just sit on top of it.

But don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining…it’s just that sit and wait thing.  You know what I’m talking about…If you’re at home, hopefully you haven’t changed the channel but, if you have, you keep flipping back to YES, checking the latest…see if the game’s on…nope, not yet.  So you have that extra bag of chips you said you weren’t going to…or that extra piece of chocolate cake like I did…not good.  It’s sitting in my stomach right now like a rock…a rock that rumbles.

OK, so guess what?  We’re just a few minutes away from playing baseball in Cleveland!  If you read this quickly, you got the news before anybody else!  What you’ll hear me say just a few minutes from now on-air is “Enjoy the game with us here on YES”…and then Michael and Flash do their thing…so, uh, enjoy the game with us here….on…ah, you get the idea!


  1. karinct

    I kept the channel on YES. A friend called and said. .”I knew it was okay to call you, because the Yankees are in a Rain Delay.” How do you say. . .“Well, I kinda wanted to watch Yankees on Deck. You see I was at the game Sunday, and I missed it. . .”

    Is it weird that I like that show??

  2. nyyanks2548@hotmail.com

    I missed that guy! I do spot fans in the background sometimes though and then I can’t stop watching them all game. Like the last time the Yanks were in Boston..there was this guy in a blue sweater sitting behind home plate for one game. Every time the Yanks would do something good he’d obnoxiously stand up and cheer. I miss that guy.

    and karinct – You’re not the only one…I love Yankees on Deck.

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