Saturday Night’s Alright for Sightin’

Man In the Hats?  Anyone seen the man in the hats yet?  I’m on the lookout…seems at first glance, when Grady Sizemore was batting, that there’s somebody else sitting in his seats… but I’m keeping a watchful eye on that camera shot…There is was!  Choo at the plate, but no man of multiple hats.  Just a less older guy in a navy sweater vest…not the same dude.

Good to read that pinkyswore is on the Yankees On Deck train!

And as for yankeexx, no need to send any MacNut candy yet, thanks, but when I add it to the rotation, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, given the TYPE of candy you are suggesting, I’m going to assume you are feelin’ a little island fever in Hawaii….I can’t tell you how many times I’ve enjoyed a very early morning cup o’ joe sitting on the beach, reading the paper and basking in the shadow of Diamondhead while the sun comes up.  One of my favorite places to visit!
karinct, nyyanks2548 & fran0322…3 Blobbers I know of who will join me tonight in keeping a sharp eye out during the Yankees-Indians game for the older gentlemen with the strange hat- changing fetish…I mentioned it in last night’s Blob…Lefthanded batter, 3rd base camera angle getting a close-up…and behind the hitter…an older man who switches hats every inning or so.  At first, I thought maybe it like a stealth endorsement thing…like he’d flip on a John Deere hat for one inning, then maybe a Quicksilver or Ed Hardy hat the next (just kidding!)…but last night, when I saw him with a blank, flourescent orange hat, I realized he must just do it for kicks, or so someone at home (maybe his kids or grandkids?) can see him.

We shall all keep an eagle eye out for him and Blob accordingly…

Y On Deck…Y Not?!  Meantime, Blobber karinct wondered aloud last night whether it’s weird that she likes to watch Yankees On Deck…nyyanks2548 reinforced her enjoyment of the show… and my advice to both is…DRINK…IT…IN…!!!  It’s not weird to like Yankees On Deck!  I mean, the How Well Do You Know Your Teammate segments with Mo and Jorge are great…and, let’s be honest…with regard to the most recent episode…how many times do we get to see David Cone laugh in slow motion in an almost maniacal fashion?!  That’s must see TV, in my opinion.

Fran the Foodie  Also, a few nights ago when Coney was in the studio, fran0322 wanted to know if we had Chinese food and M&M’s…David and I freelanced that night, went to a diner nearby for takeout, where he ordered some kind of bass sandwich and I got a huge bacon cheeseburger with fries.  As for Coney and the candy, he has a few…but he’s a far cry from inhaling a bowl of M&M’s like another analyst who recently visited and shall go unnamed (but who’s initials are JF and used to be a catcher).

Bon appetit and enjoy the game!


  1. yankeexx

    Very funny Bob!!! I could send you some Hawaiian Macnut candy too. Say the word and it’s done!


    I’ve been on the look out! I have not seen him 😦
    I did see that man in the sweater vest you mentioned though.

    and Yankees on Deck…I personally got a kick out of Al Leiter flexing his muscles on this week’s episode.


    Just wanted to let you guys know that Michael Kay and Flaherty were talking about Yankee History tonight 5/30. I did not hear them mention about “The Mick’s” 620 feet HR(5/30/56, Yankee Stadium Faade – Pitcher: Pedro Ramos, Washington Senators – Left-handed)

  4. karinct

    Hi, my name is Karin and I LOVE Yankees on Deck! (Hi Karin.) My guilty pleasure has been validated!! 🙂

    Between the midges, the seagulls and “multiple hat guy”, I am missing the game! Thank God for Yankees Encore! Speaking of (sort of),. . .Bob, I always assumed you worked with editing during the game to narrate the replay. (Now, thanks to pictures and the Blob, we know so much MORE is going on!) When I hear a generic “That ends the scoring for this inning”, it makes me think of that SNL episode. . . where Tom Brokaw (Dana Carvey), pre-tapes Gerald Ford’s death. .(because Brokaw wants to winter in Barbados). If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a Google. Funny stuff!

  5. ypichi

    I love your comment and so intelligently. But I am watching Ichiro Suzuki of Seattle, sure Hideki Matsui too.
    Please watch and give me more information of the Pitcher as Ohka so on. Thank you and do you still remember me ? when we’re talking each other at Fenway Boston.
    Jay Takahashi


    Bob, when Michael Kay and Flaherty were just talking about your stash of chocolate.. I could hear Flaherty drooling

  7. cknyc

    love the yankees on deck…
    love watchin the yanks pplay and win..

    but mostly?

    i love listening to michael kay pickin on john flaherty, al leiter and paul o’niell.
    you notice he never picks on ken singleton and david cone?

    and wassup with john flaherty all serious all the time? lolzz he’s cool though..just always serious.
    and i know im not alone in this when i say people that watch them on yes can feel that john and michael are bout to just take off their mics and just start swingin at each other.

    while paul is eating a dozen krispy kreme donuts.

  8. fran0322

    I hope that the Yankees don’t make any errors in Sunday’s game because if they do I don’t think any of the players will talk to Kim. Bob, you would have a lot of air time to fill on the post game.

  9. bryan722

    Jim Kaat only does the games for MLB Network not YES so if you want to hear him you have to watch that channel and I did see the hat guy over by the first base side he always has those crazy neon color ones pink green yellow orange is that like a superstition thing or just get to noticed

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