The Singy Ringy Thingy

When you stop by here at, I hope you get the chance to read all of the great blogs that are being written. It’s a big endeavor by a lot of people who have a passion for writing…and for baseball. I think just about everybody knows about Kim Jones’ background as a writer, for example. And writing has been an integral part of all my jobs…starting with getting a degree in broadcast journalism at USC, to my first TV job in Eureka, Calif. (I was the one and only sports person at the station)…to my next stop in West Palm Beach (weekend sports guy, had to write all my own stuff)…to CNN and Turner Sports (yup, wrote almost all of my stuff there, too…and now, to The Blob. (By the way, there’s a little tip in there for all the young pups thinking about going to journalism school…write, write, write).

And by now, you’ve noticed the title of this Blob, The Singy Ringy Thingy. Check out the blog of Suzanne Singleton, aka Ken’s wife, aka “Mrs. Singy” here on the Web site. She has a tremendous background as a writer and author, but what you might particularly like in one of her latest blogs is her detailed description of the three championship rings that Ken possesses. Click on her blog, check out the bling, and then try to figure out WHICH ring Kenny is wearing tonight on his right hand on the postgame. Between looking for that and looking for the old guy in different hats in Cleveland, The Blob has evolved into some weird internet version of Where’s Waldo?!

I received a request to take pictures in my office of Kenny and me enjoying our dinner. Well, he’s here for the entire Rangers series, so I’ll check with him and see if he’ll allow that kind of personal access (because it is personal when one is sitting there eating lasagna with a huge string of melted cheese hanging off one’s chin. That was not Kenny, by the way, that was me). I hope Flash reads this because then he’ll know he missed out on Spazzio’s lasagna. Sorry, bro.

So for now, do the Singy Ringy Thingy, and I’ll work on getting the rights for behind the scenes Singy access…and I’ll keep an eye on which bowl of candy he goes for…

In the meantime, here are a couple things in my office I thought might amuse you. The first picture is the TV we watch the game on…and yes, that is the Caddyshack Gopher making a cameo. The second picture is a drawing my daughter did a few years back that I display proudly…I guess you could say it’s something of an inspiration. I mean, how can Ron Burgundy NOT be inspiring to an anchorman?!
Blob Office 6-2-09 002.jpg
Blob Office 6-2-09 001.jpg


  1. karinct

    I think I like the titles as much as the Blob itself. 🙂

    Reading Mrs. Singy’s blog is part of my pre-game routine. She is very talented and creative. . and I think I bought her Halloween book years ago!! Never made the connection, but I suppose that makes me a long time fan!

    So. . my guess would have to be the ’83 Orioles WS ring and that Kenny is a M&M guy.

  2. yankeexx

    I saw Singy’s ringy thingys..Major Bling for sure. My cousin was at the game tonight and was emailing me pics of the game. Johnny Damon caught a flyball right in front of them. I lived vicariously though them tonight from my desk in Hawaii. How cool was that!

  3. fran0322

    Bob, I think that Kenny had on the Baltimore World Series ring but quite honestly it was easier to find hat guy among the midges than it was to see Kenny’s ring during the postgame.

    By the way your daughter did a good job on that picture.


    I try to keep up with Kim’s blog, yours, and Mrs. Singy. I am so jealous of her as I adore Kenny and would probably be one of those stalker fans that she has mentioned in the past. You are lucky to have him in the studio with you so enjoy your food and take pictures! By the way, notice how they are having “fun” now that they are winning.


    Bob :
    Has anyone asked Gerardi why when Melky got hurt he took the centerfield job and gave it back to Gardner ??
    Gardner is hardly able to throw the ball back to the cutoff man and to many fans isn’t even good enough to play professional baseball. I have been a Yankee’s fan since 1953 and have never seen a manager that treats his players with such disdain !! No one takes a job away because of injurys. Melky is twice the player as Gardner but apparently lost out because of personalties. Also , someone has told the game announcers to talk up Gardner and must take us fans as idiots to not see what their doing !! Enough with the underhanded nonsense from Gerardi , this is the New York Yankee’s !!
    Last thought , its these things that cost Gerardi his job with Florida.
    Disgusted ,
    Ron Malone



    I had no idea you were a trojan! I’m studying print journalism at Annenberg right now. I’ll be a senior in the fall and would love to eventually become a baseball writer / broadcaster like yourself. On that note, I have a question including my two favorite teams in the world. What would you say was more exciting, Aaron Boone’s walk-off homer in game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, or the famous “Bush Push” against Notre Dame? (The Fighting Irish are still bitter by the way. I met an ND student the other day, and he wouldn’t even say a word to me after I told him I went to USC. Gotta love it!)

    Fight On / Let’s Go Yankees!



    Two comments about the broadcast.

    They always say that Long Island is Met territory. Wrong. Rarely do I ever see anyone wearing a Met’s cap. When the Dodgers and Giants left town, it was true. Even during the 1980’s I would say we edged out the Met fans. I think when they traded away Tom Seaver, they took the suicide pill, and gave the town to the Yankees.

    The next one, was about Home Depot, and its pronunciation. Depot is French. That is why the “T” sound is dropped. I guess none of the announcers took French in school.

    Please pass on to Michael Kay and the group.

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