Getaway Day…for Kenny

Final game of three between the Yankees and Rangers…and the final game of three in studio for Ken Singleton, who’s heading back home to Maryland after the postgame show…but before he leaves, let’s see if I can accommodate all you Blobbers out there who can’t get enough of Singy.

First, someone wanted to see Kenny eating in my office…interesting, but true…so below, enjoy Kenny enjoying a delicious prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato sandwich for lunch!

Blob Office 6-2-09.jpg

Also notice in the picture, the ring on his right hand…I threw a pop quiz the other night, tied to Mrs. Singy’s blog, about which of the three championship rings Ken possesses that he’s been wearing during his three-game in-studio stint….the answer?  The Yankees’ 1999 World Series ring that they gave to him as a team announcer.

And now, the candy question…someone wondered which bowl Kenny dips into when he’s enjoying a post-meal dessert…the answer?  The M&M with peanuts bowl…but very sparingly…he eats them individually and not by the handful…obviously knowing that they do, from time to time, melt in your hand before they melt in your mouth.

On a related note, I just killed five Reeses mini peanut butter cups…three regular, two high-octane white chocolate….

Oh yeah, some of you may have heard during the game broadcasts either Tuesday or Wednesday about Kenny and I playing golf together two days in a row, with our supervising producer Woody Freiman (who may or may not have been there, depending on whether or not he was skipping meetings to play…I will never confirm nor deny his presence!)…Well, final hole yesterday, Kenny’s looking at 210 yards uphill…pulls a 4-iron out of the bag…pures it… can’t see the final result, though, because of the hill and a small swale in front of the green… we get up there and his ball is about a foot and a half from the hole…tap in for birdie.  That’s Kenny for ya…right on the money!


  1. cknyc

    i love all this off-game behind the scenes info, from bob and kenny eating chocolate to gardy and bruney fightin over a tiger woods doll. (hardcore baseball dudes painting dolls…thats priceless.)

    we all know about kay with his big head..err..i mean intellect..o’niell’s food intake..

    but out of the blue..for no reason..
    i’d like to be proved ive told my frineds that john flahherty..if equipped with one of those jason giambi mustaches..looks like the WB MASON guy.

    please prove me wrong.


  2. rallylunch

    I love both you guys…Kenny is the best at calling the games. This stuff is great. Bob…I think you should take over Center Stage on a permanent basis. And…the Mrs. Singy thing by Kenny’s mrs is the best…..she gives us a fan’s view of the world.

    I will confess….I was one of those irritating fans that bothered Kenny in Tampa…a couple of years ago, although it was my daughter that was trying to pick up his son, Justin (who is a very handsome young man).

    Bob: you deserve the emmy….get a few more..

    Kenny: my daughter (the tall blonde with the annoying mother) is still looking for Justin.

  3. fran0322

    Thanks for all of the info Bob. In your picture of Kenny I can clearly see the ring he’s wearing.
    Keep up the great work on the blob and the pre and post game shows. I look forward to it.

  4. visor

    Great job with the blog, and I was really impressed with your interview Saturday with Yogi… I can NOT believe the YES Network makes you watch the game on that small TV pictured below lol….

  5. jik2

    Just found the Blob for the first time. Love it. Thanks for the great job you do here, and on the air. Every member of the YES team is a pleasure to watch/listen to.

    I actually found Mrs. Singy’s blog before this one, and commented about my own brief meeting with Ken. My post inspired her to add the license plate pic and explanation of “29 ANGELS,” which I think is pretty cool.

    Keep up the great work, Bob!


    Who told Kenny Singlton and Michael Kay that it was alright to be so negative about the Yankees all the time. I’m so tired of listening to them dis the Yankees and praise their opponents, especially when they play Baltimore that I usually mute my TV when they are announcing and just watch my Yankees play baseball.

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