2 Live Studio Crew

It’s something I’ve been promising for a while, and starting tonight…Ladies and Gentlemen…
give you the beginning of “Get To Know Your YES Studio Crew”, which I’m
sure will quickly be embraced not only by Blobbers and Yankees fans,
but most people around the globe…along with aliens, if they
exist…and robots, that according to futuristic movies, will be
controlling the world in the next few years….


Paulie 002.jpgNicknames:  Paulie, Paulie Walnuts
Favorite Teams:  Baseball (check the cap), NFL: Giants (he shares season tix on 50-yd line or, as Paul refers to them, “seats from God”), NBA: Da Bulls!

Paul is married to the far lovelier Melissa and they have 3 boys…triplets!…Jake, Luke and Paul…which is why Melissa is dubbed “the Saint”…They are 9 years old and playing Little League ball right now…Paul coaches as much as he can given his schedule…he says he plans to pencil in Luke (LH) at 1B and Jake (LH) at SS this week, while Paul (RH) is slated to pitch.  By the way, all 3 pitch…a righty and 2 southpaws…gotta be a gold mine in there somewhere, eh, Paulie?! 

As far as the job goes, Paul’s been at YES the entire 7+ seasons of existence.  Prior gigs include stints at News12 and Martha Stewart…went to electrical school, but didn’t see himself doing electrical work for 40 years, so picked up an internship in local TV…says the best part of the job is watching his favorite baseball team every night on a 12-foot HD projection TV, while the worst part is “working pro baseball hours without the same pay as the pro baseball players.”…But Paulie, being the reasonable sort, has his feelings (and stomach) occasionally soothed by the food that’s catered in from time to time…Favorite?…Penne Alla Vodka with chicken from Spazzio’s.

Finally, career hilight to date for Paulie?…Attending the final game at the old Yankee Stadium…he worked one of the cameras we used on the 3rd base side of the field for the pre- and postgame shows….Funny….I would have bet top dollar that Paul’s career hilight was getting mocked yelled at by me for throwing my gum away just before we pre-taped a segment a couple months ago (I previously Blobbed about this)….Hmmm, maybe he forgot that.

Two final notes:  Perhaps you noticed his last name, “Ferrigno”….Yes, he is related to the Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno…3rd or 4th cousin, Paul says…he’s not sure.  I’m guessin’ they don’t text each other much.

And, I’ve seen Paulie grow from AT BEST a rudimentary ping pong player into one of the toughest outs in the building…he’s worked hard at his craft, Man…Oh, wait…his craft is cameraman, not pro ping pong player!  Alright, he’s great on the camera, too!


  1. karinct

    NICE!!! We get the personal, professional and social “behind the scenes” look at the YES crew! Paulie looks too rested to have triplets!! : ) I will be on the lookout for “Ferrignos” in the Yankee Farm system. How cool would that be? A future Kim Innerview!

    Before I read the “connection”, I went right to Lou. Come on. . Who didn’t Love that show?? I think I see a resemblance. . maybe Paulie can Flex for the next pic? šŸ™‚

    Fun Blob. . keep it going!!

  2. fran0322

    Thanks for the behind the scenes looks you’ve been providing. Looking forward to more. By the way, did Paul choose camera #3 for the triplets?

  3. chrissyny86

    Love the behind the scenes stuff! The cameramen for YES are far supperior to the NESN and ESPN guys I’ve had to deal with living in Boston…thank God for the Baseball Network so I can get games on YES!!! Great work guys!! Watched the game tonight from a bar in Boston while celebrating birthday # 23, surprised they put the game on for me!!

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