The Blob is…A-Live!

Hey!  For those interested, I’m venturing into previously uncharted waters…for me, not for Kimberly Jones…I’m taking a page out of her playbook and doing a live chat tonight after the postgame show (blog entry continued under chat window).

<a href=”; >Bob Lorenz live chat</a>

So, enjoy the series finale between the Yankees and Braves on YES (preceded by your viewing of the Batting Practice Show and the Tri-State Ford Pregame, of course).  Then, right after I sign off the WB Mason Postgame, I’ll head down to my office and internet guru Kevin Sullivan and I will do the live chat.

Until then, I will be mentally preparing myself for all of your interesting and intriguing questions… and even if they’re not…they’ll still be welcome…but I’m SURE they will be!

Talk to ya later tonight…


  1. karinct

    Fun! Although, more fun if the Yankees can hold on and win this one. Trying to get “interesting” and “intriguing” for the chat! 🙂 No promises.

  2. fran0322

    Bob, thanks for answering my question on the chat. It was fun. Hope you get to do another one soon.

  3. jeff1112

    Bob, I feel bad I missed the chat, post game is kind of a tough time for a chat. How about doing a chat during a game, like somewhere between the 1st inning at your 4th inning cut in or before the 7th inning cut in? If an in game chat doesn’t work how about before the pregame?


    Great chat Bob;
    On another score , Todays poll 6/27/09 is absolutely outrageous !
    Who should be the centerfielder Gardner or Cabrera ? What will this accomplish ? It will be very embarrasing for whoever loses and why is the poll taken the day after Gardner goes 5/5 ; why was this never done when Cabrera hit walk-off wins for the Yanks on three different occasions ? This is a baseball team and apparently whoever thought this up doesn’t understand the concept of TEAM ! This kind of thing can only cause discontinent among the players. YES should not allow this and whoever thought it up should be severely repremanded !
    Ticked off 54 year fan !!

  5. debbiedm

    Who ever decided to create a poll of who should be CF. This is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen. These are both young players playing their hearts out and you are pitting them against each other in the worst way. This will destroy the loser. This is no place to create something like this unless Girardi has told someone to do it right after a 5 for 6 night for his favorite Gardi. I sure didn’t see a poll like this after Melky’s walk offs or 2 Home run night. Stop this insanity.


    Bob–It’s Bryan D. from back when you covered big time Humboldt State Lumberjack games. Do you miss the Big Time Redwood trees?

  7. darkseid

    BOB! You need to have another chat, man. Maybe one just before the break, and then one right after.

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