Dedicated & Determined

What am I talking about?  Well, I could be talking about the way the Yankees have been playing the past few games, to be sure, especially with the way the flu bug has hit the team…but I’m not…I’m talking about John Flaherty.  I told you that he’d be in this weekend, and that during his last trip to the studio, he not only fell off his dietary wagon….he fell off a dietary cliff!  His 3-day stint began with him bringing healthy dinner from home…however, by the end, he’d ravaged his body with copious handfuls of M&M’s!

But this time, Flash has stuck with his game plan…no M&M’s…no foray anywhere near the lil’ bowls of goodness that are on my coffee table.  I even thought that a new KIND of M&M, from Japan (kindly supplied to The Blob by promotions guru John Brueckner) would tempt Flash to once again enjoy the goodness.  But as you’ll see from the pictures below, he has stuck to his guns…impressive on one hand, incredibly boring on the other…I mean, look at the cuteness on the top of the tube when you take off the lid!  How can you not be sucked in by that?!  Instead, he stuck with his tomato and mozzarella salad…boy, that huge smile on his face sure shows how much he loves eatin’ all healthy…C’mon Flash…read this and dig in!
FlashJune 004.jpg
FlashJune 001.jpgFlashJune 002.jpg
FlashJune 003.jpg


  1. fran0322

    Well Bob that leaves more candy for you. By the way the guys in the booth said that John was probably wearing sneakers and shorts with his jacket and tie since he was sitting under the desk. Is that true?


    The Blob is Awesome Bob 🙂 I agree with the comment about the chocolate covered sunflower seeds they are AMAZING. Give ’em to Flash…. 😉

  3. jetmccluch

    Bob, you are funny as anyone and super classy. You should equally ridiculous things as Burgandy does if the producer obliges

  4. jeff1112

    You need to get out of the studio and do more stuff from the stadium. Couldn’t they set up a desk for you out in the stands or on the field for pregame? You gotta mix it up a bit, get out in the new ballpark.

    How about you guys start putting all the full interviews from the postgames on the site including your talks with the booth guys?

    What ever happened to YES covering Yankee minor league games on Yankee off days or when the Yankees have a day game and there’s a night minors game? YES could cover Staten Island, Trenton, and Scranton games pretty easily. You could do some more play-by-play that way.

  5. darkseid

    I agree with the above poster. Yankees fans don’t get nearly enough coverage of the minor league system, which is supposed to be harboring many talented players these days. The only “in-depth” coverage we get is from the draft blog. But we still don’t have much, if anything, from the minors. BigGuy reports every day on the minors with scores and stats and articles on the YES boards, but we should be getting more than that. There aren’t many off days but you guys should definitely cover minor league games. On days like today too, when Mike Francesa isn’t on because the Mets are playing a day game. So instead of putting on a Yankees classic, broadcast a minor league day game, do a mini postgame, and go right into the Yankees Pre-game. Then you have the whole winter to put on as many Yankee Classics as you want.

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