Happy 4th and Thanks

So I’m sitting here on my day off, enjoying the 4th watching the ballgame…(yes, I do watch the games when I’m off)…and I was genuinely affected by the mid-7th inning singing of God Bless America…that’s because the Yankees chose to honor 5 soldiers who’d served our country and named them individually before Ronan Tynan did his thing…

It’s moments like that that remind me, and hopefully all of us, of the daily sacrifices that men and women like them…and let’s not forget their families…make to ensure our way of life.  
Let’s be honest…we’ve seen our share of down times recently…greed and avarice changing the way we live our lives…but that’s done nothing to change our spirit…the belief that the United States of America is far more than just a big piece of real estate and what we have in terms of possessions.
It’s about who we are as people…that instead of just accepting the down times, we challenge ourselves to fight back (like the Yankees this year?) and ensure that this country continues to be the greatest land of freedom and opportunity in the world.  And the most beautiful…America the Beautiful.
Maybe that’s something as small as choosing not to drop a gum wrapper on the ground or not to throw a soda cup out a car window…(unfortunately, I’ve seen both recently)…maybe it means “going green”…recycling…or doing something as big as cleaning up a neighborhood or a baseball field…(check out harlemdiamond.org)…Maybe it’s helping a friend or neighbor do that.
Maybe it’s just giving time to an organization like Johnny Damon’s favorite, The Wounded Warrior Project…(woundedwarriorproject.org)…or making a donation to ALS research, which is MLB’s focus today.  Or maybe it’s just holding a door open for someone and smiling, or saying “Have a great day.”
Or maybe it’s saying a sincere “Thanks” to one of our soldiers, or buying them a cup of coffee, or picking up their tab…or all of the above.  Because if it weren’t for them…and I’m talking ALL of them, from WWI to present day…we might live in a very different country…one in which the liberty to write what I just wrote would not even be allowed.
And if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading this entire entry and allowing me a chance to veer from the usual Blob to something very different.  Have a great day and a great weekend.


  1. nypam51

    Great blob!!!! Thanks for writing this. We need something like this sometimes……….Great writing!!

  2. karinct

    Thanks Bob! This is great reminder of what is really important. Too many times we take the sacrifice of others for granted. Deep heartfelt thanks to all who have served and continue to serve. Prayers for all who have fallen, and special blessings to their families.

    A Happy Holiday weekend to you too!

  3. fran0322

    Well said. People get involved in cookouts and fireworks and forget the real meaning of the day. Thanks to all of those who have served and those now serving our country.

    Enjoy your weekend off Bob. By the way do you watch the pre and post game shows on YES when you are off?

  4. brad248@yahoo.com

    Hi Bob–did you post on Kim’s chat that you wanted her to have your babies? Because if you are giving them away, I think Madonna will be calling you shortly.

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