Can You Smell It?

The July 31st trade deadline, I’m talking about!  C’mon!  Gotta admit, I do love this time of year… keeping a close eye on which teams might be buyers and which might be sellers…and which might sell their souls (ie: top prospects) for the one shot this year to be the World Champ.

We saw the Matt Holliday deal go down today, while monitoring the Roy Halladay situation… right up ’til 7:00pm, while I was on-set doing the pregame show, I was asking our Research Grand Poobah, Jeff Quagliata (you can call him Quags)…if Halladay was still listed as the starter for the Jays’ game vs. the Rays…I’d read a quick blurb in Pete Abe’s LoHud blog that “perhaps” a Halladay to the Phillies deal was close…thought he might get pulled from his start at the last second…but it didn’t happen and he took the ball for Cito tonight.

No, Seriously, What’s That Smell?!  As I walked up to the set for the 4th inning cutin, I smelled a chemical kinda smell that I absolutely love, but couldn’t remember what it is…Lighting Legend George Greczylo told me that it’s contact cement!  I remember using that in school and I don’t know why (insert “stoner” joke here) but I love that smell…just like I love the smell of regular gasoline as well as airplane fuel…weird…anybody else like that?

So, George, Paul Ferrigno (you got to know him in a previous Blob) and me started reminiscing about glue in elementary school…I mentioned how I loved to pick and peel all the glue off the gigantic bottles of glue we shared in class…Paul said same thing with him.  George brought up spreading glue on the palm of the hand, letting it dry, then peeling it off…always good fun, too.  Then he added, or what about putting contact cement on the palm of your hand and lighting it on fire!  (insert sound effect of album scratch bringing everything to a halt here)…What?!  No, George…first of all, I don’t think I walked around with a lighter in kindergarten…and second of all, I thought moms and pops said NOT to play with matches!  I guess we just found out what George’s parents didn’t know ANYTHING about!  Gonna have to check on that…perhaps George’s dad was a movie pyrotechnics expert.

I can’t wait for the 7th inning cutin…


  1. fran0322

    I must have been a boring child in elementary school. I just remember using my little bottle of Elmer’s Glue to paste pictures in my notebook and make collages. Never peeled it, put it on my hands, etc.

    Bob, I hope that you have a Yankee trade for a starting pitcher to announce before the trade deadline. That is the only need I think the Yankees have right now.


    I love the smell of gasoline as well. In jr high my teacher had those scented markers and I probably took a whiff of them more than a normal human being should.
    I loved putting the glue on my hands and peeling it off though! I still do it (just kidding.. or am I?)
    and I can’t stop laughing.. I have never heard of ANYONE ever putting contact cement on their hand and lighting it on fire. That has to be a joke.

  3. talisaynon

    Hey Bob,

    Any chance we can get the YES Network to show a few AAA games during the season? I mean, Yankee Classics are great and all, but a few AAA games here and there wouldn’t hurt. I’m sure the Yankees have a big enough fan base that people would care to tune in. Especially with Monstero presumably hitting AAA next year, it would be great if the fans could track him, yea? What do you say.

  4. karinct

    I am glad the Blob wasn?t around when I was a kid. . I think I might have tried lighting the cement. [blush] Well, maybe not on my hand. . at first! In my defense, I grew up with 3 boys living next door. ?They made me do it!? was a common excuse.

    So. . Flash back in the studio. I hope he brought his manners this time and tries the Japanese Meiji Marble Chocolate. (assuming there are some left). Imagine refusing to even try them after you Blob?d about specifically saving them for his return to the studio!? To decline such an offering is a serious breach of social etiquette, not to mention a potential affront to international relations!

    (Too much?) Yeah. . probably. Flash. . just try one! Actually, you have to try one in every color. That?s an M&M rule. . I?m sure it translates.


    hey Bob, i am very disappointed..many times i get home late from work or go out to dinner or a movie and when i get home the first thing i do is turn on the yes network to catch the end of the game and what i really want to see is the game highlights and what i missed(win or lose) but lately the highlights were very breif!!! tonight you showed only the 2nd inn. highlights….you used to take us through the whole game practically inning through inning. I am so dissapointed i can’t begin to tell you!!!(i want to use swear words!)
    think about this–you actually showed more highlights of the mets and redsox game then you did the yankee game ON THE YES NETWORK!!!!! There is really something wrong with that!!! PLEASE do something!!!

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