Family Feud

Text message from my sister Jeanne tonight: 

“Your blog is languishing.  What candy is on the table?  What did you have for dinner?  Enquiring minds want to know!”

she DID use a smiley face emoticon afterwards, but that’s besides the
point!  Now I have my own sister putting the hammer down on me…OK,
truth be told, I have been a bit lax when it comes to Blobbin’…maybe
it’s the dog days of summer…but my man, Flash, is back in the
studio…there’s new candy on the table…Yankees v. Red Sox…it’s all

So to answer one of Jeanne’s questions…What candy is on the table?  Well, note the NEW additions…Smarties on the left…the mouthwatering mix of regular and dark chocolate peanut butter cups on the right…and, well hey there?!  What are those delicious delights in the silver wrappers?

Thumbnail image for Jeanne 001.jpgWell, those are a wonderful little changeup to the Hershey’s Miniatures that normally fill that bowl, brought in by our very own John Flaherty, who brought them in last week when he was here because he felt guilty about destroying bowlfuls every time he’s here…they are pure Hershey’s Milk Chocolate goodness…but did you notice that bowl is kinda empty?  Here’s why:

Jeanne 002.jpg

Yep…that’s right…Flash continues to kill the chocolate!  And the look of disgust on his face says it all, doesn’t it?  That is the look of a good man fighting a losing battle…but let’s be honest…if people walked into my office and saw bowlfuls of trail mix and zucchini slices, they’d jump out the window!

Now For That Other Pesky Question Jeanne Asked (Haha!)

What was for dinner?  PF Changs…Flash went with the Lettuce Wraps to start followed by Beef with Broccoli…I went the Steamed Veggie Dumplings route for the app, and chased it with Beef a la Sichuan…I’d show you the empty bag of containers, etc. but it looks like a pack of hungry raccoons went through it…so, just enjoy the shot of the gordoonimus amount of fortune cookies the restaurant was kind enough to provide…I guess they thought 30 people were sharing our food tonight!

Jeanne 003.jpgThat’s OK…I’ll make Flash eat ’em all.  Or I can always save ’em for Jeanne’s next visit…
Gosh, hope they won’t be too stale by then!  (Oops, she might read this!)


  1. max24

    Bob i’m so with Jeanne!! Are you going to let Kim Jones blog more than you?? come on, start a friendly competition: see who can blog the most in a week.

    great post, as usual. you got my two favorites up there: smarties and m&ms

  2. makemeshiver

    Bob, your blog is so cute! I’m watching you do the post game right now with my friend and we were just wondering… what is your ethnic background? Lorenz sounds either Italian or Latin to us, but we were just curious. Either one is good to us!!!

    PS: Say hi to Coney next time you see him. Watching him at Sotomayor’s Confirmation hearing was so hot. Nothing like a hot man in a suit!

  3. dorgal218

    Glad you sister got to you! Missed the blob.

    PF Chang’s has great tasting food. I never should have read that article with the nutritional information, though! 🙂

  4. fran0322

    Bob, thanks to your sister. I had been checking for a new post for a few days and was glad to finally see one. That array of candy looks good. What is on tap for dinner tonight?


    Bob….If you’re getting bored, let my man Billy Boland blog for a day….. funniest guy around!


    Bob, Where are you? It seems like you aren’t working the pre and post game show as much this year…I don’t like that!

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