I Created a Monster!

Let me share with you a text exchange I had with John Flaherty today…I jokingly asked him if, in the wake of his M&M binge while in studio last week, he had dropped the poundage he felt he’d gained…His reply?  Well, let’s just say there were a couple unpleasantries about me having candy in my office and his lack of willpower.  Apparently, the candy has had quite a reverse effect on Flash’s workout efforts and, while I don’t think he’s sitting at home eating buckets of fried chicken, mashed taters and whole pies for dessert, I do believe that I created a monster…Final texts?  I asked him whether he was only able to wear elastic-waist pants because they were the only thing that would fit him now, and he replied that he had to go because the TV show The Biggest Loser was calling!  Who knew Flash was a comedy writer?!  He and I are going to have to collaborate on a sitcom.

The Video Wall  A commenter on the Blob asked whether the wall of video monitors in the YES studio control room was actually one huge screen with many monitors or a bunch of different monitors…
FirstBlob 013.jpg
FirstBlob 015.jpg

Here’s the answer, straight from Studio Director Michael Cooney (please note I capitalized his title for full dramatic effect)…it’s actually 3 gigantic projection screens linked together…He watches the bank of monitors in the middle, the technical director watches the ones on the right, and the producer, Billy Boles, watches reruns of Lost on his laptop…???  Wait a second!  Just kidding…he watches the bank on the left.  But Cooney says that they can all be reprogrammed to act like one gigantic monitor, or be split like they are into as many as 45 or so smaller monitors with different feeds coming in…In a future Blob, I will do an in-depth interview with Cooney and find out exactly why his is set up the way it is and what he’s looking at…same with Muggsy, our technical director.  That is, IF Cooney signs all the correct rightsholder and waiver forms…I don’t need him coming after me with some frivolous “intellectual property” nonsense!  Because, let’s be honest, The Blob is about as far away from that as possible!


  1. fran0322

    Bob, do you think that you’ll have to hide the M&Ms from David Cone this weekend when he is in studio with you?

  2. yankeexx

    Hey Bob…tell Flash the if full waist elastic looks too tacky tell him that they also make side elastic pants too. Or…he can use a thigh master while M&M-ing at his desk. Five squeezes for every M&M consumed. It’ll be like the ying and yang of candy consumption.

  3. yankeewave

    Thanks for clarifying, Bob!
    Wow, that’s technology at its best. Feels like a mini theater in there.

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